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    This year has been a bit more challenging than I had anticipated.  My 12 year old daughter began 7th grade work in September.  Although we are now settling into the work load a bit, I am noticing some issues with comprehension.  Truthfully, she has never liked narration and actually does better with written than oral, unless she loves something, which is typically unrelated to school.  She just tells me short snippets of information from what she or I have read. I know in part it’s her attitude (more than in part), but I’m having a difficult time knowing where to go from here.

    I recently read a few articles on teaching children to learn to care. I believe Robin wrote one of them and I can’t remember who the other author was.  Anyway, these articles really spoke to me.  Unfortunately, I think this is one of the reasons I am struggling with my daughter.  I feel she cares about unimportant things and those things over shaddow the important things we are learning about.

    I am open to any and all advice.  I know many of you are there or have already been there.

    I was also considering some consulting from a few ladies who offer it on there websites (sage Parnassus is one.)  If you can recommend someone, I would love to hear about that as well.


    Thanks 😉



    Consistency has helped us.  It’s also helped for my DC to narrate some as a group.  Hearing each other’s narrations has made their individual narrations better.  A group narration also makes them feel less “put on the spot” which builds confidence.  If you only have one DC (it’s hard to remember how many DC everyone has), maybe you could model a narration or take turns narrating (go back and forth with each of you telling the next part of the story).   Sometimes variety helps too.  Have you seen this list?

    My DD is 13 and has struggled with oral and written narrations.  I’ve seen such progress this year that it’s helped me see that we are in fact moving in the right direction.  I think the CM methods take a bit of faith until you see results.


    How much are you having your daughter read before narrating? If she is having trouble narrating, you might try having her narrate every few pages instead of waiting until the end of a chapter. As our children grow older and their books become more challenging, there is often an adjustment period as they grown used to narrating from books that are dense with information. It all depends on what kind of books she is narrating from.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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