Can someone tell me more about the CM learning style?

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  • Tina

    Is there alot of planning or is it more relaxed? Is there alot of structure? I am looking for a new style to do with my 7yo ds next year since our new baby will be here then. We also have 2 other kids ages 16 and 11 but they will be doing computer work. Please share whatever you can. Thanks!

    Sonya Shafer

    Great questions, Tina. The nice thing about the CM method is that you can adapt it to fit your personality and season of life. Some moms keep it very structured with a 15-minute time table to follow throughout the day; other moms keep it very relaxed with a basket of books next to the couch. And, of course, many moms are somewhere between those two.

    Probably the biggest challenge to moms who are new to CM is the fact that you don’t just order “CM grade 2” somewhere. You have the freedom to put together the components as you like, drawing from different sources. Experienced CMers love that flexibility, but it can seem a bit daunting at first. So if you feel drawn to the CM philosophy and methods, you will want to do your planning and resource gathering now before the new blessing arrives. (Congratulations, by the way!)



    This is a great spot to gain some more info about cm. I would encourage you to peruse the articles; especially the one about getting started. Also, the curriculum guide is good if you are wanting to get a quickstart. Sonya and Karen have done the work of planning for you! I would also recommend their free Education Is download, as well as Laying Down the Rails (not free, but worth much more than the small price). You may find that you are spending some planning/learning time now, but it will pay off once you are cuddled on the sofa with your young one and littlest one and you sigh and think, “This is really nice…”

    Blessings and congratulations!


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