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    I was going to buy a copy of Visits to North America to finish our school year and wanted to know if the kiddos can share the guide/work as a family, or do they really each need their own notebook?

    We do the BOC as a family and thought we could do this too, and they could just work maps out individually.
    I am trying to move over mostly to the SCM products because we love them so, but I am also trying to be budget friendly

    Karen Smith

    We recommend that each student have his own copy of Visits to for map drill. The Meet the Families exercises can be done together as a family.

    We do give permission for you to make copies of the Visits to books for your children. You can buy one printed book and make copies or you can buy the pdf ebook version and print the pages from your computer.


    My son just answers the questions orally and points to the countries on the map instead of writing it all out.


    I bought the pdf version of Visits for my twins and have made them each their own copy and put them in binders for them and it has worked out well.


    Great! I just ordered a book and I will either copy the maps from the book out or just use maps we print online. Either way, I am excited to add this resource to our geography.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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