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    I have a problem. I wanted to get some advice from you all about my daughter. She is 12 and in the 6th grade. She is just this year deciding to work more on school. She started going to youth activities at church and sees that she really is behind where she should be. She’s always known that, but it just upset her that she was behind. She is finally upset about not knowing as much as others, so she has decided to work harder.

    So I have another daughter. She’s 10. She has never been behind (except math) til this last year. She has developed some anxiety and health issues and hasn’t really learned much in a year. I also have an 8 yr old son. He’s doing ok except writing.

    So here’s the problem. I need my 12 year old to learn more than just what she’s learning. You know–independence, responsibility, self esteem, how to actually study and learn, endurance, fortitude, etc.

    I was wondering if I had her do Calvert Curriculum for this year if she would learn some things like that relating to schoolwork. I generally HATE lesson plans made by other people–a lot. But when my son (18 yr) was her age, we needed something and Calvert was perfect. It was just temporary, but it was exactly what he needed that year. He really did become a better student after that. And he’s the best student I’ve ever seen. He’s starting his second year at college, and he’s amazing.

    I thought if I got my 12 yr old Calvert, I could be there better for my struggling 10 yr old. I don’t have it within my reach right now to plan lessons out for her. I know that CM type lessons are easy to plan, but it doesn’t come out that way for me yet. It would be such a relief to hand her the books. Of course I would not just leave her on her own, but she’s been begging me for assignment sheets all planned out so she can be more independent. I can’t seem to make it happen myself right now.

    That’s terrible isn’t it? I actually know better than to think it would be easier, but I wonder if it would teach her the things I’m looking for her to learn this year.

    And I am so tired right now in life. I mean my 18 yr old has lyme disease and mono. We’re working so hard to get him well, but he’s been sick for 2 years and it’s going to be a long haul. He’s got such a great attitude, but it’s a drain. I also have fatigue issues since I had mono several years ago. All that along with my 10 yr old’s anxiety problems which are a huge daily family struggle; so much of my day is taken up by these health issues. Plus we have a ton of food allergies, and that takes the rest of my time–cooking.

    My husband is an airline pilot, so I don’t have his help every day (although this month he is instructing so he’ll be home every night–YEAH!)

    So am I just being lazy? I really think I have faith in CM, but I haven’t been able to effectively implement it fully yet. I’m definitely not abandoning it. I just wondered if a year with lesson plans I don’t have to make and textbooks (she likes that workbooky stuff–yuk) would help us over a tough spot. And I could focus on what my 10 yr old needs a little more.

    Hope that all made sense–I’m really tired. 

    It’s not really Calvert specifically I’m wondering about; just whether or not to do it this way. I already know that Calvert is great if you like that sort of thing.

    At church we were given a formula for making decisions: 

    Study it out

    Ask a trusted friend


    So thank you all for being the “trusted friend”, because I don’t have any homeschooling friends in my area.


    Hi art-

    I’m pretty new to CM, and not at all well-versed in Calvert, but I do remember liking their program very much when I first heard about it. That said, I bet you know what is truly best for your family. Honestly, it’s probably not going to seriously harm your dd if she does Calvert for one year or even part of a year, especially if she seems to want to do it so much, and you are already familiar with the material and process. If it’s possible, take out all the other factors and just focus on/pray about what is best for your daughter. Then widen that to what is best for her and the other children; then widen again to include yourself and your husband. Maybe they will all be the same answer?! 🙂

    Remember, God rested and Jesus wept. I think that shows it’s okay to give yourself a break if you need it, Mom!

    HTH- blessings,


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