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    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again- I keep telling my husband to “move me to Manitoba!” LOL


    Thank you all for your comments.  I shared them with dh.  We found a few more on the floor tonight and I had a few glue traps in corners in a few rooms and we checked those.  We found one or two brown recluse in each of 4 glue traps.  dh looked in a few corners where some “stuff” is setting and found one.  Also saw webs and “spider dinner” in one shoe dh rarely wears.  Didn’t find the spider in the shoe though.  I will be buying many more glue traps and clean up a little more.  I will also look at Home Depot for the spray LillyLou suggested.  And I will continue to pray.  Thanks.


    I’m definitely not an expert on this, but we have a friend that is a bug exterminator and he said that because they are so reclusive, you really can’t do much for them. I think it is an opportunity for the exterminators to make money, they probably aren’t going to tell you that, so it’s money down the drain. I’ve also heard that they’re everywhere, I just assume we have them. At least in Kansas, I don’t know about anywhere else.

    As a side note, since we’ve been doing nature study, I love bugs, although I can’t say the same about spiders, but they don’t creep me out as much as they used to. Funny how far to the other extreme I used to be and am now way at the other end of the scale when it comes to loving nature. I just love how it all points to our Creator. Love Him, I do!! 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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