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    Where do I begin?

    Hello All –

    I will start homeschooling two of our children this coming Fall of 2016. Pre-K and Kindergarten. I need advice starting from the very basics. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance!


    Hi Catherine!

    The Preschool guide page is a great spot to begin.  Hover over the Plan CM tab at the top of the page and in the menu that drops down select Preschool Guide.  How old is your Kindergartener going to be by August/Sept when you begin?  If they are not yet 6 I would suggest even using the Preschool Guide suggestions for them.  If you want to look at the plan for school grades you would hover over Plan CM and select Free Curriculum Guide.



    I suggest The Early Years guide and DVD.  For informal learning activities, check out Before Five in a Row.  It can be used with both children.  You can always post here again if you have any specific questions.  Enjoy this time together.  Lay a strong foundation of good habits and strong routines.  Character development is more important at this age than academics.  You can look at Laying Down the Rails for this, and also Character Concepts.  We have enjoyed the Miller stories through the years, by Mildred A. Martin.


    Read and be outside.  I second Five in a Row if you want a slightly more “formal” feel to school.  What I love about FIAR is that it shows new moms that every subject can really be taught with living books.  Plus it makes special memories. And definitely get The Early Years guide and DVD.  Priceless information and encouragement.


    I agree with the others 🙂 At that age/grade, just focus on reading and nature study! There are wonderful booklists here and on the Five in a Row website. Also, My Father’s World has a pretty book booklist for their Kindergarten program.

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