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    Michelle, I have been reading tons of your posts about how you “brought” books with you to SCM from AO. I was wondering if you would mind sharing some specific titles that you felt were worthy of reading.

    I have a 13 yo boy, 10 yo girl, and Ker boy, if that is helpful. Also we are going to be doing SCM Genesis – Deut. this year.




    Sure! I’m only reading off of old AO lists, though, so if I mention one that is on a SCM list, I don’t have all those open in front of me now. Many of these books ARE in the Bookfinder, however, already. I just keep a list of these books which I slide somewhere into my schedule:

    Burgess Bird Book/Animal Book

    Just So Stories/Kipling’s other books on the list like Kidnapped, Jungle Stories, etc (I love Kipling)

    I did keep Parables from Nature but my children lobbied hard to drop this one, lol

    The Holling C. Holling books (Minn, Paddle-to-the-Sea, Seabird, Pagoo, Tree in the Trail)

    Understood Betsy

    Howard Pyle’s Robin Hood, King Arthur, Otto of the Silver Hand

    Edith Nesbit’s books (Five Children and It, etc.)

    Elizabeth Enright’s books (The Saturdays, etc.)


    The Book of Marvels, Halliburton

    Wild Animals I Have Known

    Falcons of France (GREAT boy book)

    For older kids, I think it is worthwhile to bring over at least a few of Scott’s novels, The Daughter of Time, The Brendan Voyage, How the Heather Looks, Founding Brothers, and Plutarch–we like the AO guides and “sanitized” versions.



    Thanks so much for the list of books. Did you just work these into their literature readings? Also, do mind if I ask more questions if they arise about these?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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