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    Hi Ladies,

    We have been using the SCM materials for several years now and I am ready to pass along some of the materials we have used in the past.  These are all in used but very good condition unless other noted.  Most of these are priced at about half of the new price.  Shipping will be an additional charge depending on how many you purchase.


    Genesis – Deuteronomy & Ancient Egypt 3rd edition            10.00

    Letters from Egypt  (homebound copy)                                      6.00

    Ancient Egypt and Her Neighbors (SCM)                                   9.00

    Leviticus: A Commentary for Children                                        6.00

    Numbers: A Commentary for Children                                        7.00

    Joshua – Malachi & Ancient Greece 2nd edition                      10.00

    The Stuff They Left Behind (SCM)                                               10.00

    The Story of the Greeks   H.A. Guerber    (NEW)                       5.00

    Early Modern & Epistles                                                                  5.00

    Stories of America Volume 1 (SCM)                                              9.00

    Stories of the Nations Volume 1 (SCM)                                        9.00

    Sailing Alone Around the World by Joshua Slocum                  5.00

    Bard of Avon                                                                                      3.00

    A Young Patriot by Jim Murphy  (hardback)                             3.00

    The Landing of the Pilgrims (Landmark Books)                       3.00

    Modern Times, Epistles & Revelation                                          5.00

    Stories of America Volume 2 (SCM)                                           10.00

    Stories of the Nations Volume 2 (SCM)                                      10.00

    Team Moon by Catherine Thimmesh                                            8.00

    I Have a Dream by Margaret Davidson (LN)                              3.00

    Louis Pasteur by John Hudson Tiner                                          6.00

    Abe Lincoln: Log Cabin to White House (Landmark)              3.00

    The Wright Brothers: Pioneers of American Aviation             3.00

    The Story of Thomas A. Edison (SCM)                                         5.00

    Peril and Peace Volume 1  (NEW)                                                 7.00

    Living and Learning 12 DVD Set (SCM)                                      70.00

    (DVD #6 has our name written on the DVD and

    there are 3 pages in the front of the Notebook that

    have notes written on them.)

    The Pearl Diver (NEW hardback)                                               10.00

    Charlotte Mason Companion by Karen Andreola                     10.00

    Using Language Well Book 2 Teacher Guide and

    Answer Key (SCM)                                                                     3.00

    Journaling: A Year in Nature (SCM) (NEW)                              16.00

    Hours in the Out-of-Doors (SCM)                                                  8.00

    If you are interested in any of these please let me know.  We are a smoke free and pet free home and most of  the materials are in very nice condition.


    I would like the Using Language Well book 2 teacher edition please.


    Good.  The total will be $5.66.  Book $3.00   Shipping $2.66.

    You can pay on paypal.  My email address is

    If you prefer to send a check let me know and I will give you my address.  As soon as I receive payment and your name and address I will ship the package.


    Stephanie Stover


    I sent you an email.



    Interested in the Genesis guide and the books you have to go with it.


    Which “The Stuff They Left Behind” do you have?


    Sent you an email. Thanks so much.


    Are you speaking about the Genesis-Deuteronomy & Ancient Egypt, Letters from Egypt, ancient Egypt and Her Neighbors, and the Leviticus and Numbers commentaries?   If so that would come to $38.00 and shipping would be about $4.50.



    I have the stuff they left behind for Ancient Greece.


    Yes, thanks! I sent you an email too.


    I’m interested in the Stuff they Left Behind.


    Hi! Just making sure you got my email and PayPal  payment. The payment was probably from Lexie at lexienaturals dot com. I sent $7 to cover any pp charges instead of the $5.66.

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