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    Have anyone else tried bookmaking?  As in, cutting paper and covers, binding it in some way, etc?  If you feel up to wading through my most recent post you can see the newest handicraft Makayla and I have tried – coptic bookmaking.  It was all started by the writing assigments from my middle children and has rippled out to many different areas. 


    Those are some fancy books! Laughing We’ve done some simple ones using these directions:

    We’ve done very plain books and some nicer ones with scrapbook paper covers.  They make great, inexpensive nature notebooks.  We’ll definitely be checking out the youtube videos…my kids love these kinds of crafts (not to mention drawing in notebooks)!  


    Thanks for sharing! We’ve done some of the simpler versions and enjoyed it and I have wanted to try the coptic bookmaking for a while, now but just have not had the time. It was fun seeing it in your family. : )



    When I was a teenager my dad and I made handmade bound leather journals.  I don’t remember the exact sewing method – but we made about a million signatures…. or so it seemed.  (The books were over an inch thick…)  

    Katrina in AK

    What fun, Tristan, and the books are beautiful!  I loved reading your post, and will be looking for those poetry books at our library. 

    I might just need to try this, to distract me from my other handicraft projects at hand. 

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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