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    I was responding to Christina’s question about Ambleside and, since I did not want to bash Ambleside, I thought I would start a new post. Especially since I do not want to accidentally accuse where I do not have the knowledge to do so.

    Here is **my very own opinion** of a trend that I **suspect** may be occurring in some CM and Classical circles that I would like to hear from others on.

    It appears that recommendations for *some* books are being made on the sole premise that these books are considered ‘classics’ and also just because they are ‘difficult.’ That is why we need to preview material with an eye toward the needs of our children, not just how far we can push them and what others say may be a classic (see our discussion on Anne Frank). That is wordly thinking. Knowledge puffs up.

    Another thought is the pressure book sellers are under to provide more and diverse materials. I have seen a book recommended in a catalog, gone to the library to check it out, and praised God that I did not just put it into the hands of a child. I imagine that most of these homeschool families that are trying to eek out a living by serving the community can in no way read absolutely every book in their catalogs. Could it be that they become lulled into thinking that all ‘DK’ books, for instance, are okay?

    So, what’s my point? Maybe just sounding off :)…Really, during this time of planning for next year, it is good to pray and ask God to show us what our children really need and remember that even in the homeschool community, we need to be constantly vigilent for our children.



    Am I kicked off this board now?!


    Or is it ‘vigilant’???


    Cindy, I’ve definitely had vague thoughts about this too. It seems to me more pronounced in Classical circles, where if it was written by a Greek or a Roman it is almost automatically assumed to be necessary to read. 🙂 Imagine someone judging OUR culture on the basis of what books survived. Yikes. LOL

    But I’ve seen a wee bit of this in CM circles, too, especially with the assumption that “If Charlotte used it in her schools, we automatically ought to use it as well” sort of thinking. Even if we have better, more fitting choices today.

    ON the other hand, I’ve also sometimes thought that a book “sounded” much too hard and I thought we would not enjoy it, and we tried and to our surprise loved it. 🙂 So I guess it does all come down to seeking out God’s plan for us and our children, taking our plans and possibilities to Him. Much more effort than just picking up a booklist and running with it, but the results are so much more rewarding.

    Michelle D

    Sonya Shafer

    Amen and amen, ladies!

    Cindy, if you’re kicked off the board now, I’d have to go with you. 😉

    Michelle, I can’t wait for the conference next week so I can give you a hug in person!

    (And please consider this an open invitation to tell me if you experience a check in your spirit regarding any of the books we recommend. I so appreciated our discussion on Anne Frank.)


    Discernment is definitely required no matter the curriculum. 😉


    What an amazing thread!  Thank you.  This is such an encouragement.  Yes, I’m the mom; and, yes, I have the authority given to me by God to pick and choose according to the wisdom He gives me, not some “classic book list” alone.


    Wonderful words of wisdom 🙂  I am glad that I stayed up a bit later than I had planned so that I could read this before I went to bed….I have been looking at “book lists” today online and wondering if my plans for this year were enough compared to some of the books listed on these other sites. Thank you for helping me to get my head back on straight 🙂

    Priorities, priorities, priorities 🙂 I have to remind myself of this daily. Worldly wisdom does not equal education in my homeschool.

    So thankful for this forum and website 🙂


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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