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    I have always liked and the kids have worked well with Apologia.  That said we will be starting Biology soon with my son.  What did you add to the program other than the textbook itself?  Did you do the experiements and if so where did you get your materials?  If you didn’t what did you do to help inforce the concepts?

    Keeping with that in mind did you use any web sites to help “show” your child concepts?  Were there other idea’s, resources you felt that really helped them with this program?

    Thanks for your comments, suggestions etc. Misty


    My daughter is doing Apologia Biology this year. Someone recommended the following site to me and I have used some of her videos to supplement the Apologia text.

    You could also supplement with some living books as you go along. You can out the SCM curriculum guide to see what they have listed for living books for Biology

    Also, you can check out Ambleside Onlines HEO years under Science and Nature Study to find some living book suggestions. There are some that would fit for Biology, some for Physics, etc.

    Hope that helps!


    My little biologist is now a junior in college, but when he used Apologia Biology, we bought the supplies from Nature’s workshop at

    We got all the dissection equipment and specimens and slide set. We had a cheap microscope he used for a long time. Then we finally got a good one. I wish we had done that at the beginning. It made such a difference. But I do have three other kids coming along, so I spent the money. 

    Also, i got the cd that goes along with the book and all the tests. He didn’t use the cd that much, but it was nice to have.

    I felt good designating a credit with the labs. My daughter will do biology in a couple years and does not want to do the labs. I’m not sure I’ll make her–I think it would make her sick actually.

    I never supplemented with anything else, but my son was so interested that he really didn’t need anything else. I didn’t really read the book, so I can’t say if it would have been needed if he hadn’t been so into it. 


    My daughter just started Apologia Biology this January, and she has been enrolled in the At-Your-Own-Pace Biology course at The course is free, and she watches/listens to each lesson in the modules (it uses Apologia Biology) whenever she has finished reading the textbook section. They are recorded lectures or labs by volunteer teachers, using an online whiteboard, and there are links to a few additional helps.


    thanks ladies this looks great.  I like the link here as this would be a big help.

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