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    Hi!  I’m looking ahead to next fall as I’m having a baby this spring and would love to have my plan in place before baby arrives!  =)  My oldest will begin 1st grade (yay!) and I have a general idea of what we’ll do based on this website and a few others.  The only subject I’m really hung up on is Bible.  I could use some advice.  We won’t be doing the SCM guide for History (I don’t think) so I’ll need to find something else/come up with something else.  Here are a few of my questions…

    1 – What is the purpose of 1st grade Bible?  Should it be to establish a daily quiet time?  (Independent of mom??? – she’s a very good reader)  Should it be to gain an overview of the Bible?  Or go in depth with just a few books?  Other ideas welcome too…

    2 – What type of narrating ideas for Bible do you have?  Notebooking?  Just giving an oral narration?  I’ve seen notebooking pages online and that idea appeals to me.  Journaling? 

    3 – Does anyone have any recommendations as far as reading lists, books, notebooking pages, Bible studies, etc. to go with this age? 

    My inital thoughts have been to follow one of the Bible reading lists online for children which would give her a general feel for the whole of the Bible.  Then, i suppose she would narrate?  And once or twice a week do a notebooking page?  I just wasn’t sure if this is personal enough – should I be asking her questions more specifically about the Bible passage she read – for example, I’ve seen – “What does this passage say?” (narrate) “What observations/questions do you have?” followed by “How does this apply to my life?”   I could see that being in a notebook and hopefully becoming special to her…like a journal.  I’ve also seen coloring pages, drawing pages, etc.  So, I guess I have some mishmash thoughts in my head, but I’m not sure what would really work for this age.

    Thanks for your thoughts!


    Mom to 3 – 5yo, 3yo, 1yo, and baby due this Spring!

    We like Leading Little Ones to God by Marian Schoolland

    It has a story, suggested bible reading and memory verses.  There are about 85 stories.  I would say it is non-denominational (Christian).

    We are using this book along with this notebooking idea.

    Also the The Big Picture Bible Time Line which is reproducible. We are doing SCM Guide, but I have one that will be 3rd grade.


    I’ll give you my thoughts, for what they are worth.

    1. The purpose, at this age, would be to become very familiar with the great stories of the Bible. Penny Gardner’s list is a good one to use or reading through Catherine Vos’ The Child’s Story Bible would be a good option, too. At this age, I begin to encourage my kids to have some type of devotional time on their own. For personal study, I like Lindafay’s suggestions @ and have used the 1st-4th grade suggestions. Some things I like are:

    • The Awesome Book of Bible Facts
    • What Would Jesus Do? (first devotional type book we use)
    • Daily Life at the Time of Jesus
    • Your Story Hour Bible cds

    We’ve used and enjoyed (some at older ages)

    • Building on the Rock series
    • God’s Awesome Acts series by Starr Meade (dd9 is using this right now)
    • Little Visits with God (old and may be out of print)
    • My ABC Bible Verses
    • We love the Scripture Memory System from this site and have happily used the Foundation picture verses from Children Desiring God.
    • Betty Lukens felt for acting out the stories (a big hit with all of my kiddos)
    • Prayer journal starting 2nd-3rd grade

    2. We typically use oral narration for simplicity, but there are lots of valid ideas – drawing a picture, acting it out, making a scene with felt/legos/etc. I like the idea of notebooking, but we don’t do much of it, really. We do try to add people/events to our family BOC. Remember narration is for age 6 and older. Start small.

    3. Suggestions.

    My personal suggestion is to enjoy studying the great stories of the Bible, memorize scripture & even the books of the Bible and perhaps some simple copywork. Don’t turn Bible time into strenuous academics at this early age. Allow the Holy Spirit to work in their lives and don’t make all of the connections for them. 

    Anyway, those are my thoughts and what we’ve done. Hopefully that helps and doesn’t further muddy the waters.




    My kids LOVE listening to Your Story Stories (From all their sets- Bible, History, and True Life Adventure).

    You can sign up for a Bible study at and with returned completed lessons (I think it is for every 2 lessons) they will receive a free Bible Story CD.  The Bible study can be done together.  The kids think it is really cool to get the CDs and then they have their own Bible Stories to listen to over and over and over again.


    When my kids were at that age, we read from Engermeier’s Bible Story Book. I really like that book and it helped my kids learn the Bible stories, which was my goal at the time. I know the readings gave them a good foundation for when they began reading the Bible on their own. The Engermeier book has questions after the stories – not very CM, but my kids thought the questions were fun to answer.


    Thanks everyone!  This gave me some options to think about!

    =) Erin

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