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    Hello, everyone!

    I am a recent member of the forum. I live in Lithuania where my husband is teaching and I’m up to my eyeballs in curriculum planning for next year. I have 4 kids going into 6th, 4th, 3rd, and Kindergarten (first year with all 4 – phew!). We’ve been doing classical education from the beginning, mostly Bauer with some CM thrown in.

    I need to add Bible/spiritual development, and am wondering if anyone has any thoughts or recommendations. Until we moved here (last year), we “just” did AWANA. This last year, we haven’t done anything and I need to make a transition to Bible education at home instead of at church. I looked at AWANA’s homeschool curriculum, which is basically the AWANA club minus the sports time. Each kid does their own books. The kids would LOVE to do that again, but I really need something that is cheaper and something that we can ALL do together… say during that calm, quiet Morning Basket time or whatever. 🙂

    I’d like a program that incorporates several different parts:
    *Liturgy & Church calendar

    *Bible reading & memorization

    *Bible themes, covenants, people (nuts & bolts)

    *Character development

    I’m planning on using Laying Down the Rails for habits & character. I appreciate any tips for making this work. I meant to do more with it this year and never got around to it. Try again…

    I found some decent Bible reading plans on My two oldest have sort of voluntarily started reading on their own, and I’d like to provide them with some direction so that they aren’t just starting at the beginning and then spending months slogging through Leviticus. 🙂

    For “nuts and bolts” (what would be the bulk of our “bible” curriculum), I’m considering CAP’s God’s Great Covenant. Anybody use it and love it? Pros/cons? Other programs I should consider?

    As for church liturgy… I have no idea.

    I know that’s a lot – thanks in advance for your suggestions!



    Did you ever get a curriculum? I am looking for one as well. I want to do the Hebrew festivals first.


    Hello, When our family began scm we started with ancient egypt history/geo and Bible. We studied the first 5 books of the ot the first year and used Nacy ganz’s commentarty. I just loved it, but it was a lot of reading. I had my son help read while I did kitchen chores or cooked so I could listen too. My children we 13, 9 amd 6. What a powerful begginning and the children would picture, oral and write thier narrations. the 2 smaller dictated to me and I wrote down their thoughts. The reading was so much that I let them put together legoes, whic made them much more attentive listeners. WHAT I mentioned above scm resources. Hope this helps. Martha


    Doesn’t Grapevine Bible Studies have one on Biblical holidays?  Grapevine is a really fun Bible study program for kids. We really loved it when we did it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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