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    I thought I would share my beautiful sandy evening last night. I hope some of you have had similar experiances.  Lately we have been going to the beach.  It is not the usual thing like most people. We have been doing it in the evening usually after 6 or 7 pm (dinner). Now, I have found there are not to many people out at the beach this time in the evening. 🙂  I like this because I can keep a better eye on what my kids are actually doing. 

       The best thing last night was we had the beach all to ourselves. Not a soul!  So I cracked out the book “Everyday Graces”  and was able to read to my kids. They absolutely loved it. When one of them were acting up I had them sit by me and listen to the story better.  I really enjoyed it. My kids even enjoyed it so much that they want to go again today and have me read to them.  So, I said, “after we did all of our chores we will be able to go tonight.”  I think this was kind of fun so I thought I would share. I took a chair so I was comfortable. It was a long haul out there but I thought I would share my terrific evening with you in case you don’t have time to do something during the day try something in the evening. I even thought about cooking dinner out on the grill out there tonight??? 🙂  

       Hope you have a blessed evening. If you have a wonderful one like this please share so I and others may get some good ideas. 🙂



    How wonderful! What a blessing 🙂 It is times like this that really stick in our and their minds. I hope you have another wonderful night!!!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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