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    I am sorry, I am new to Beautiful Feet……would this be in place of the Modules at SCM? Or in addition to a history. I have looked at their site before and couldn’t figure out it it was supposed to be the main curriculum or how it was used.

    when you talk about the  geography guide, is that in place of Visits To….bc I remember you saying you were a big fan of those too. I am assuming you are talking about doing the BF Geography instead of a Visits To….not in addition to.

    Thanks….Thinking this through


    BF has wonderful book selections that could certainly form the main curriculum or be additions to another curriculum. DS11 will use their Modern World and US History as his curriculum next year for 6th grade. We will tweak the guide as we see fit, but use the book selections. DD8 will finish their Primary History as her curriculum next year. She will begin the Geography study (4 books) and use the Barefoot Meandering 50 States guide with them. This will be a 2-3 year study for her. My older kids simply read and narrated through the Holling books, but I have since found the 50 States guide and think this dd will enjoy it.

    I LOVE the Visits to books. We have completed Africa, Middle East, and will do Europe next. We are now doing geography as part of our CM co-op and the Visits books are the basis. We modify and do the study in 24 weeks in the co-op, but it works very, very well. All kids age 6 and up complete the study.

    Either the BF Geography study or the Visits To study would be enough. DD8 will simply get 2 studies, but one spread out quite a bit.

    I have used all 6 of SCM’s modules as written and have thoroughly enjoyed them. I could have used them a 2nd time through as they are intended, but simply chose something different for no other reason than wanting to try something different. I think the SCM modules are one of many excellent choices available to us.

    Hope that helps.



    Christie (or anyone else), my kids will be 9th, 6th and 3rd this year.  We just completed SCM Module #1 and I am undecided about what to do next year.  I purchased and really want to use BF Primary and Intermediate Early American History for my younger two….but thoroughly looked over SCM Module #2 tonight and was getting excited about continuing where we left off.  Do you think that doing both would be too much?? My kids LOVE to read. I am undecided whether to continue on with SCM Modules for my 9th grader, wondering if he should do his own thing. I am just beginning my planning for the fall…sorry if I’m so scattered in my thinking! Relatively new homeschooler, too.


    Yes, I think both full programs would be too much. You could add a few books from one or the other to each and it would be okay.  You could also create a free read list with titles from one or the other. Remember that less is more.

    I would gauge what to do with the ninth grader based on what he or she still needs to cover.  For my ninth grader, we want to cover the scope of history one more time in high school and are using EpiKardia American I and world I over 9th and 10th grades and hopefully American II and world II over 11th and 12th (if they are finished). I may leave out some of the ancients in world I since she just covered Ancient Egypt and Greece thoroughly the past two years.

    Joshua Berg

    Here are a few blog posts from those who have used Beautiful Feet and how they worked with their families. Thought it would be helpful to see how each used and customized the study to fit their needs.

    Audria is currently using the Medieval junior high here:
    She also used the Geography here:
    And Early American here:

    Tina used several BF programs and a couple for high school:

    Jimmie used the Ancient junior high here:

    Lisa did the Geography with her three children:

    Hope these help!



    What are you doing posting on forums? You need to be writing that Canadian History Guide! Write man, write!


    Thank you for the links!

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