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    What is the opinion of using Beautiful feet American History from anyone? It was given to me recently (highly recommended from a friend) Has anyone used it and did it follow the CM method? She also gave me the Beautiful Feet Geography for my lower elementary children.


    No but will be watching… it looks like great book selections


    I LOVE Beautiful Feet!  Absolutely LOVE it!  I’ve used both the American History- Primary and the Geography.  Truly it was the favorite part of my children’s school day. 


    VERY CM style! Beautiful feet is well written and easy to implement.


    We don’t have the guide but I bought the new American History reprint and the D’Aulaire books to read with my 8 year old over the summer. So far we are enjoying them.


    We plan on using their books for early American history next year! The books are beautiful!


    We used it this past year and LOVED it!  It was interesting for both my 5 and 8 (now 9) year old.  I enjoyed it too and especially loved the D’Aulaire books!  


    What age range would you say BF American History is for? I’ve always thought it was a lower age range. We have 1st-9th here.


    Kelly – they have a variety of guides for different ages. This year we used an Intermediate/Junior High guide and and Senior High guide (each was focused on Medieval times). In the younger years they focus on American history, so you won’t find ancients or medieval in younger elementary ages, but for upper elementary, middle school, and senior high you’ll find guides for most time periods.


    I have been looking into this too and I really wanted to use it for 1st grade next year – but when I flipped through some of the D’aulaire books, I noticed some historical inaccuracies. So I’m not really sure what to do now. I’m not sure if I should just substitute other books for the ones I don’t like if the rest of the curriculum is really great? (I haven’t looked at them all, but I wasn’t a fan of the Pocahontas or Christopher Columbus)


    Maybe check the Guerber reprints edited by Christine Miller at Nothing New Press?  The Thirteen Colonies and The Great Republic–read the publisher’s preface.  She tells you what she has changed from the originals, which also had inaccuracies.  I can’t think of anything more up-to-date that is supposed to be as engaging–

    Memoria Press actually combined these two books and reprinted them, as well.  But the supplemental resources are aimed at middle school, I think.  Anyway, you wouldn’t need them.

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