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    Can anyone tell me how Beautiful Feet works?  I am a little confused.  I see their Early American History Primary Pack is for grades K-3.  If I use that for K, then what would I use for 1st grade?  Do they not have something?  I did read somewhere that this particular pack can take 1-2 years to finish but even if we took 2 years that would still leave me without something for grades 2 and 3.  Their other packs are for higher grades (4 and up).  Am I missing something?  I hope this makes sense.  Thanks!


    I have been a bit confused too, so I will be watching 🙂


    As far as I understand it you can use the Early American History Primary Pack anytime during the K-3 years.  Some people will use it in year 2, others in K.  The books are appropriate for any of those grades.  This particular study does take 2 years.  The other guides are written for grade 4 and up, but most 2 or 3 grade kids could understand and benefit from them.  According to Beautiful Feet there is no real order to do the units.

    If you started in K you would do it for 2 years, ending at the start of your grade 2 (or it could take longer if you add in other resources, movies, field trips, activities, and such).  You could then do whatever you felt like….adapt the intermediate level, adapt the ancients, use the SCM guides, do the BF character study or the history of science.  


    IMO,  this is probably the only downfall of using BF~ that there seems not to be quite as much offered for the younger ages.  I would probably use the Primary level Amer. History w/ my 1st and 2nd grader, spanning it over 2 years.  I just finished using this with my “advanced” first grader, and although she followed the stories just fine and narrated well with them, and LOVED them, there were a couple of “reports” that we skipped, and I felt like if she had been a little older she could have worked on those.

    I do think their History of Science and the Geography can be done with a 3rd grade aged children.  Also, the Teaching Character Through Lit. can be used for the primary grades as well, so those are also some options for using BF with the earlier grades.


    Beautiful Feet is more of a unit study with fabulous literature approach than a full curriculum, although there are certainly many ways to piece the units together and have many years of curriculum ready to go.


    Can I ask something about the American History study guide? I’m planning to do a medley of books pulled from several sources, including BF. My sons will be in 2nd grade. I would love to know how important the study guide is. I love the books BF has selected but I don’t know what the guide offers separately. Can someone give me some advice as to whether the guide is important or not? Thanks!


    The guide asks questions pertaining to the stories read. You may have some copywork of poems or an old song to do. And it tells you what pg to photocopy and color from the books to include in your history notebook. You don’t necessarily need the guide. But it is nice to have! IMO, second grade is young to understand some of the questions asked. You can do that on your own! HTH


    I plan on using it over a two year period starting in second grade for my son alongside world history continuing with the modules. We will do two days of early American history and two days of world history. I think this will be plenty! I lve the beautiful feet books!

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