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    I am asking for a friend who has a high-functioning autistic son.  Here is her recent question to me:

    I need to hear some narrations. Best if I could hear an accomplished (presumably older child then) narrator, and a young budding one.

    I am struggling with teaching this – Benjamin prefers to retell the story exactly, and because he has this amazing memory, he can retell it word for word. It’s getting tedious at his level. (For example, he’s reading Henry and Ribsy, and I sat through a 30 minute retelling of a single chapter today…)

    I’ve read the books on “how to” do this, but I’ve never actually heard someone put it into practice. I think it would be helpful for me, and then for him, to see it actually done.

    Do you know of a place/YouTube/CM website that would have good examples?

    There is no CM group around here. One was attempted to start, but then I was the “most experienced” which basically meant that I was the only parent who actually has had the opportunity to use the concepts with school aged children. The leader had a 2 year old, but had read the books, and was super excited. There also wasn’t a homeschool conference in the state this year. I’m thinking I’ll have to look for one in IL


    Maybe if he narrates later in the day, it won’t be word for word?

    Mom can learn to narrate and model for him, starting with shorter passages.

    Don’t get too caught up in narrating perfectly. It is a skill that grows slowly.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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