Audio Version of CM's Volume 1 available!

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  • Emily Kiser

    Hello All! 

    Living Books Library is pleased to announce that we have begun production of the Audio Book for Volume 1: Home Education by Charlotte Mason. Over the next several months we will be publishing the completed portions, each installment will be one full-length CD’s worth of material. The first Installment of Home Education is now available!

    For those of you who have never read Charlotte Mason’s own words, now is the time to begin!  If you are a veteran, you still may enjoy the convenience of an audio version to remind yourself of the vast wisdom and experience of this great educator.

    Please visit [] for more information. We also have completed the Audio Book for Volume 4: Ourselves, which you may find there as well.

    Thank you and happy listening!


    Emily Cottrill

    SCM Picture Study Portfolios

    Living Books Library


    Bless you, Emily! I appreciate all that you and Liz do to support the rest of us in our endeavors.

    Bless you, bless you!



    That sounds wonderful!



    Wonderful!  What a blessing.


    Thank you, Emily!

    I was think I would FINALLY read CM, and having the audio will help tremendously! Also, my girls are 12 and 15, and I was thinking of letting them listen to Ourselves for Citizenship, as AO suggests.


    Emily Kiser

    You’re welcome!  It really is a pleasure to me to be able to provide this resource. After reading the entire series to my blind mother I realized what a vital tool audio recordings would be, not just for those who have visual impairments, but for busy moms who need to listen/read while attending to household tasks.



    Emily Kiser

    The next installment is now available!  I’m trying to finish production on this volume before my wedding at the end of April, so check this page frequently to get the rest of the Audio Version of Home Education:

    Happy listening!

    Emily Cottrill (soon to be Kiser Laughing)

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Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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