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    I know that nothing can replace the written Word of God but I’ve been thinking about getting an audio Bible to listen to while were traveling or just to pop in the cd player at home while we go about our day. There seems to be so many different ones out there – any specific ones you suggest?

    Also, do you have any good Bible video suggestions? Specifically New Testament- time of Christ, since that’s where we are in History. However, any other suggestions would be welcome too. 🙂



    I will be interested in this also because my problem with audio Bibles is that I cannot edit, though they can read for themselves, I guess. A funny thing happened just the other day when I popped in a tape my 9yo and 11yo sons had been listening to. It was the story of Tamar being physically abused by her half brother. I said, “Oh, brother!!” Fortunately, it was KJ, which I think has more clothes on than some other versions.


    The audio bible that we use is narrated by Max McLean. You can log on to to see everything they have to offer. We have the ESV version and enjoy it very much.


    We’ve been using The Bible Experience by Zondervan, TNIV. It was pricey but I purchased it for my son for Christmas and he simply loves the drama and the musical score, sound design, etc…I believe it was well-worth the money.


    Thanks for your suggestions, ladies; I’ll check em out!

    Cindy, good thing your boys were listening to KJ. 🙂

    Have a great day!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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