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    Has anyone used Drawing with Children? If so, how did you use it and how did you like it?

    Has anyone used the “How Great Though Art?” series with their children and what did/do you think?



    Hi Rachel,

    I have used Drawing with Children. The program is founded on the study of the basic elements of shape that are broken into families, the dot and circle families and the line families. I found it very insightful and useful in the instruction of myself. The author is teaching very young children these methods and is succeeding, however I was not entirly able to digest it and give it to my children in a way that made us completely successful with it.(ages 4 and 6 at the time) I adapted much of the instruction to “fit” our style of art time. We enjoyed the exercises of looking for specific shapes in a given area or specific object. I think it is very good in helping one to develope a habit of studying a picture in a new way… It may be time for me to try this again as my children are a bit older now (6 and 8). It is suggested in the book to give and hour of complete silence to allow the children to work through the instruction. This was not consistent for me with our other study and I never tried to implement this much time to the subject. I have been considering Draw Write Now as an art program… possibly more doable for us at this point as I have a toddler and infant in the house as well. I would recommend this for an older student that can read and work through the information for themselves. It breaks down the whole into parts that simplify the creative process..

    Hope this helps you!

    Heather in MO

    Rachel White

    I have Drawing with Children and it made sense to me, however, I am not clear on how to teach it. Mine are 7 (one is developmentally lower). They’re both artistic. My daughter prefering coloring books and my son prefers to free hand it and uses pictures/photoes of whatever he’s drawing and replicates it. He keeps his own Creation notebook and draws in it frequently. I just started having her do that as well, for our Creaton Notebook. I’m just not sure where to go from here. I know the How Great Thou Art series is directed towards homeschoolers, specifically. But I don’t want to spend money unnecessarily either. I want art to continue throughout their HS years and have a good foundation to serve them for their futures, whatever it entails.



    I’m not sure this will be helpful, but I just found out this weekend that Mona Brooks has founded a franchise. There are numerous studios across the continent. The website is

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