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    Hi ladies been a while since I’ve been on the message board, had a very busy summer, and now time is here for school (today first day) and it seems I’m having to rethink everything.  Our library is the pits 🙁  I went two weeks ago to get some books and of course our library doesn’t have them, so have to go through the lending library and they aren’t here yet!!!  I was really hoping that the library would be more cooperative about the books but after my few conversations with the librarians they are going to be less then helpful:(  So on that note my ds10 and in fifth grade has shown a talent in drawing art 🙂  What have you ladies found to be good art program?  I remember seeing a computer interactive one that not only taught art but went into depth with the artists as well but do you think I can find it?  Nope, nada, not there, searching google I can’t find it either 🙁  Oh well the search goes on.  Any suggestions would be helpful:)

    I am teaching in Dwight, IL, any support groups in this area?





    How old are you children?  I have an Art course that is great for 8th through high school.  Its called Artistic Pursuits.  I have the book still and each day it gives a lesson to read, a picture/painting/drawing to study and look at and then an assignment – some are dealing with the book or some lessons are sketching/drawing something outdoors. 




    Artistic Pursuits is great.  Mona Brooks Drawing with Children might be helpful.  Go to and look through their free art lessons.  You’ll find some drawing projects amongst them perhaps.

    In Christ, Bridget


    Artistic Pursuits is really good, if you’re more faithful with it that we’ve beenFrown. They have books appropriate for K – 12. It does combine picture study/art appreciation with art creation (is that what you call it?)

    Draw Space – one I’ve recently found with online drawing lessons that go fairly in depth. We’ve not yet tried it, but it looks good.

    Atelier Art – We used this in our CM co-op last year and it was pretty good. It is DVD based, but a bit pricey.



    Debi- There is a CM yahoo group for nearly every state.


    I recommend Artistic Pursuits as well. And for the younger ones, Draw Write Now is good.

    I’m wondering if what you are looking for (computer program) is this

    I have not seen it or used it, but it sounds like it might fit your description.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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