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    Does the Apologia General Science and up have a lot of math in them?  My DD struggles with math (is not on grade level) but can do just fine with science topics.  We started this year attempting to do LifePac General Science but the math was stuff that she wasn’t doing yet and it was just too much.  I would like a good science this coming year but don’t want to overwhelm her with math again.


    I don’t remember any math in General Science. We are doing Biology now and I can’t think of any time that math was really brought into the subject.

    I would  just skip the mathy parts if it were me.


    My kids are also “not on grade level” for math, but they haven’t had much trouble with the little bit of math in the Apologia books. General Science especially has very little. Physical Science that my 9th grader is doing now has a bit more math and it can be a little challenging, but she got through it. You can skip it though. I’ve had them do that on occasion also. They love all the Apologia books.


    My oldest really struggles with math.  What I’ve decided to do is to go with whichever science lines up with her current level of math in the free curriculum guide.  So for example, this year my 14yo DD is working through pre-algebra and General Science.  Next year will be physical science and algebra.  According to Apologia’s site, general science book is appropriate for grades 7-9, so I don’t think we’ll have any problems with this…and the math shouldn’t slow her down.

    Karen Smith

    The sciences that are math heavy are chemistry and physics. It is important to understanding those sciences for your child to be at the recommended prerequisite math levels.


    Thank you all for your replies!  They are very helpful.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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