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    Please help!  My frustration is running high Tongue out.  I was almost finished with planning our school year (using the wonderful planner and after viewing the DVDs – Thanks SCM!!) when upon closer inspection of the science I had planned for dd starting high school I found the program a little too intense for a first year high school course.  We have been doing science as a family, but, due to CFS and other health issues I have decided that science can be mother-guided/independent this year.  Because of the lack of formal science I was planning on using Apologia Physical Science to ease her into high school.  I have our science scheduled 4xweek for 30minutes but I have no clue if this is enough for this science course.  We school using 12 week terms if that helps.

    We are not new to HS…just trying to simplify and follow my heart that I am truly a CM type mom!  You all are great.  I read the posts regularly and your encouragement is priceless!  I have learned so much and thank God that I have found this site…Thanks to all who post and to the SCM team!!!

    I have a tendency to try to schedule too much…do too much, etc.  I have tried so many things and spent a lot of money all to come back to the more gentle approach – then I question my self again Embarassed I am a slow learner…

    Any help would be greatly appreciated…we are to start Aug. 31st and I would dearly love to be ready! Smile 

    Thanks again!



    If I remember correctly, Dr. Wile says to schedule 1/2 hour at first (and I’m assuming that’s 5 days/week) and then if you need more, expand it. Each module is supposed to take about 2 weeks to get through, so you could just look at the first one, for example; split the pages and see what you think. Real life, for us, however, works this way: I split the module among 7 days. Then there are two days to do the study guide and also study it. Then the 10th day is the test. That typically takes a minimum of 45 minutes daily, 5 days/week for my guys.

    Hope this helps!



    Hi Lori,

    My ds took this class last year when he was 13.  We did the experiments with a group of 5 families.  One mom had been a high school science teacher previous to children.  She told us that a few of those chapters(especially the math formula chapters) were what she did with her high schoolers.   Those problems were hard for some of our kids.   However, we all made it through and they all did fine on the tests.  Some moms let the students have the formulas for the final test becasue they couldn’t rmember the formulas.  I did not but those were the problems that my son got wrong cuz he couldn’t remember the formula. 

    Now if you wanted to do it more CM style, you could have her narrate sections to you at a time. Or maybe take notes using the bolded headings with a few key words and then narrate. 

    If you go to , you can find a schedule to follow.  It has all the readings divided for you.  I think it does a module every two weeks which is what we did.  This site also has vocabulary typed out for you  to print if that is helpful. Your daughter may need more than the 30 minutes  when she is doing the experiments.

    Hope this helps,



    Thanks!  I see the light at the end of the tunnel!  It is so nice to have a place to ask questions and get answers.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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