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    I have been looking at Apologia Biology for next school year and I’m concerned about the large number of vocabulary words that must be learned for each module. I know that any study of biology will require vocabulary study, but telling my daughter she must learn 25 or so new vocabulary words in addition to the concepts covered in each module is daunting.

    So… I’m now looking at Science Shepherd. I don’t know anyone who has used it for their children.

    Would anyone be willing to share his/her experiences with either curriculum? Do you allow your student to take the tests with an open book? Do you make up your own tests? Is it reasonable to cover the material in the Apologia book at the rate of two weeks per module, or the Science Shepherd book at one week per chapter?

    Thank you in advance for your help!



    Hi!  We have used Apologia Biology, and there is definitely more vocabulary than in Physical, but it can vary with each module.  Module 6 has the most, I believe, and many advise taking 3 weeks for that module.

    For modules having lots of vocabulary, you could let them be multiple choice.  If you’re using Apologia’s tests that have the vocabulary given, and require the definition, you can go to Quizlet.com and search for a list that has all the correct vocab (some ppl make shorter lists), and print it out.  You can cut off the portion that has the actual vocabulary words.  If you choose alphabetical order for the words, then the definitions will not be in order as the text.  She can then choose from these and write in the definitions. 

    You could also let your dd use Quizlet to make up her own vocabulary lists, and use the games on there for practice.  I like this option better than using someone else’s list that may have errors, or may word the definitions differently.  Plus it gives my child more practice. 

    Apologia also has alternate tests, and I believe they still email them to you for the asking.  To my knowlege, they all have the vocabulary matching.  If you don’t care for the rest of the test (more multiple choice than some prefer), simply use the vocabulary part and staple it to the regular test.
    We use these as a Practice Test after the Study Guide has been completed.  I allow them to check their own answers.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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