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    I’ve seen several posts with moms who “bring over” AO books they say were treasures and I’m just wondering what some of those are?  I have ordered a few from AO Yr 1(Holling C. Holling books and D’Aulaire books)AO after originally planning on using AO but am now excited about my 5 kiddos learning together with SCM(less work for me!). 

    I also seem to have a harder time finding cheap books from SCM vs AO.  AO books are on but a lot of SCM books aren’t there at all.  Our library is hard to get books from, takes a long time and can only have for a total of 6 weeks, so I don’t see how I could use only library books.  I’m just not quite brave enough yet to make my own substitutions from AO to SCM:) 

    Thanks so much!

    Rachel White

    I think if you go to Amazon to look for SCM books, you will find the used ones most agreeable, price wise.

    As for books I’ve used from AO (I think that’s your question?) here they are, but I didn’t always go by their year recommendations:

    Most of yr. “K”; The Aesop for CHildren from  MIlo Winter; Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare-Edith NEsbit (we’re finishing up this year and starting the Lamb version); Charlotte’s Web; The Velveteen Rabbit; Parables from Nature; The Wind in the Willows; Just So Stories; St. George and the Dragon; Heidi; Five Little Peppers and How they Grew; Little House Series; Marguerite Henry horse books (my dd); Chanticleer and the Fox; The Door in the Wall (my ds); Pilgrim’s Progress-James Baldwin version; George MacDonald “Princess” Series; The Jungle Book; A Little Princess; Men of Iron; Alice’s Adv. in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass; Madam How and Lady Why; Pinnochio; Peter Pan; The Story of Walter Raleigh (pretty much anything form Yesterday’s Classics); Fifty Famous People; Thirty More Famous Stories Retold; Fifty Famous Stories Retold; The Story Book of Science; Bard of Avon; The Reading LIt. Series by Treadwell; Little Lord Fauntleroy; The HAppy Prince and Other Tales (but not till about 5 or 6th); Black Beauty; Pollyanna; The Secret Garden; The Sign of the Beaver; Amos Fortune, Free Man; Swiss Family Robinson; Viking Tales; Among the …People Series; Eight Cousins; James Herriot’s Children’s Treasury; A. A. Milne Pooh stories and Poems; A Child’s History of the World; American Tall Tales; Children’s Book of Verses by RL.Stevenson (Illustrated by Tasha Tudor);Pied Piper of HAmlin; Five Children and It; Hans Christian Anderson Fairy Tales.

    I have the Burgess Books but haven’t used them yet. Many of these they listened to in audio form. This list is not in order of usage either. 



    Thanks for the ideas Rachel!  That was my question, just favorite books from AO that people still use in conjuction with SCM. 



    Lamb’s Shakespeare, Trial and Triumph, D’Aulaire books, No Fear Shakespeare (idea from AO mom board), Plutarch and Ann White’s notes (not yet started).  I also use most of their literature selections for challenge/required literature reading.  I then pick from AO’s free read list and SCM’s lit. list for free reading.  Hope that makes sense!  Blessings, Gina

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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