Anyone still reading CM's series?

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  • Sara B.

    I am still reading and highlighting (half the book is yellow!  LOL).  I am about 1/3 – 1/4 of the way done with book #1.  It is amazing!  Wish I would have read these right away.  It’s helping me figure out what I’ve been doing wrong, and also what I’ve been doing right.  And, bonus, it’s so nice to “meet” someone with an almost identical philosophy on life and education!!!  Laughing  When I’m done with book #1, I think I will need to go back and read the highlighted spots again, and write them down maybe….  Wink


    I am!  I just read the section on teaching reading last night.  It was awesome and made total sense!  My ds will be 6 in December so I am so glad I have an understanding of her methods before I teach him to read.  I am reading on my kindle and still learning how to keep track of what I like and can go back to review.  The strange thing is that I have to keep reminding myself how long ago she wrote her methods.  It seems that things were so much more simple in their time but then you realize it is all relativeSmile

    I am looking forward to more reading tonight!


    I am slowly reading but took a break for a good part of our NICU stay. It was just not the right time to focus – I needed easy reading that didn’t tax my brain…LOL! I’m hoping to pick back up this weekend again.


    I have not, but plan to pick it back up this week too.  I’m in a major funk right now and i’ve needed some lite reading for awhile.


    Your posts are encouraging. I have a Kindle Touch now and I would like to start reading the CM series. I downloaded the .prc from Blossom Bardon near the bottom at I hope it works.

    Anyone else still going on this?

    Any recommendations on what book to start with?

    Sara B.

    I am still working on Book 1.  LOL  It is very hard reading, as in I have to actually *think* while reading it.  But still half my book is yellow.  Just a few pages left.  I think I can, I think I can, I think I can….  Tongue out  Plan on reading Book 2 next, just because I’m a little OCD in that I like to read series in exactly that order.  It’s a thing with me….  🙂

    I’ve so wanted to continue my reading her series, but just haven’t made it a priority. After my internship at an Ambleside school, I felt so empowered because we studied some of her writings and loved it! I hope to get back into it this summer and gear up for next year.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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