Anyone ever switched from Classical to CM?

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  • Anyone ever switched from Classical to CM in the high school years? Well, not so much switched, but moved away from the strict, Classical method, to a more gentle, CM method – incorporating her ideas as far as nature and living books are concerned. My children are so bored with text after text, I’m wondering what to do.


    Sorry, I did the “big switch” but much earlier. I do have high schoolers now, but continual outlining of boring texts is only a memory for them. 🙂

    My first recommendations for hsing were The Well-Trained Minda and Charlotte Mason. We did one year of classical and then made a bee line for pure CM. 🙂 My kids were sooo much happier after that.


    Hey there! Absolutely we have done this. We did some pretty intense years of WTM, Veritas, TOG with “classical education” research focusing around Climbing Parnassus, Norms and Nobility, Latin-Centered Curriculum, Lost Tools of Learning …

    Let me ask you this … how do YOU define the term and apply “classical” education in your home?

    I think once I have an understanding what kind of “classical” educator you’ve been, then it will be easier to address how to bridge the gap (if there even is one?).

    Coming back to a solid CM understanding and emphasis was one of the best homeschooling decisions I ever made. Wished I had done it sooner, to be honest.

    Couldn’t be more thrilled with SCM and the wonderful, inspiring mothers/educators here.

    We have 3 children … 14, 13, and 8. And they’re absolutely *flourishing* with a CM framework, after intensive “classical” education.

    The transition took a little while for us, though …

    Pam H

    Dear CountryMouse and all,

    I am right where you are now too. Desperately looking for something to engage my children before I loose them.

    My oldest is 17 — one more year. My dh has sentenced him to the public school. I cannot tell you how this has left me devastated. I feel like a failure. My focus is onto my 15yo. Three more years, I have begged my dh to give me one more chance with him. The jury is still out. I cannot blame the classical way completely. I depended upon it too much.

    I am praying that its not too late for my 13yo. I have high hopes for my 10yo, 8yo and 5yo.

    I’m sorry to hijack your thread. I just wanted to say “Me too.”



    I think we have all really found the right place. I think Sonya’s advice about a child needing to like the book is the BEST thing I have heard in, well, forever. 🙂 Even “hard” living books can be really enjoyable. My four year old LOVES Beatrix Potter and her writing is definitely Victorian and some words really foreign, but that hasn’t dampened her enthusiasm. She loves Monet and Beethoven and thinks of them as “her” music and art. My older children work through bigger books, but in chunks as small as they need to really narrate well. The more I let them get involved in their choices the happier they are too.

    I recently read The Latin Centered Curriculum and was at first insipired and then horrified. Those books are not in the least bit fun! I liked the idea of a narrow scope and going very deep, but man, some of those books put me to sleep. Besides, I want to spend more time with the bible and Sonya has done a wonderful job with bible curriculums that the whole family can love…and get done. 🙂

    Well, I just wanted to pop in and say how happy I am here and that this site makes it pretty easy to change gears and painlessly get in the CM groove.:)

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