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    A friend of mine bought this and said it looked good, but she hasn’t used it yet.  Has anyone used this?  Does it have anything valuable for the kids?  I am not looking for busywork… only useful and enriching learning.  Just curious if anyone has worked with it and what you thought about it.  Thanks.



    Looks interesting! I’ve been toying with the idea of starting some Progeny Press guides but could not decided which ones. This book would let you use any book you like! I’d also love to hear if anyone else has acutally used it.

    So I bit! I’ve been looking for novel study guides and for the price I figured it would be worth it even if I could just glean ideas. I need to print it out and look through it but the quick glance through looks decent.

    Just finished reading through all four weeks. It is laid out clearly with awesome assignments that have the student working deeply with the story yet not tediously. Characters, plot, setting, theme are all covered. Several writing and non-writing assignment options are given depending catering to different learning styles. I feel it would definitely be strong enough for a high school level as long as you requred the assignments to be done on the more complex side of the scale.


    A friend of mine recently told me about a method she learned from A Thomas Jefferson Education and I am going to use it instead of buying a literature study guide. I tested it today and it will work well for us.


    ::Pick a classic book for your child to read.

    ::Instruct them to read deliberately and write down any words they do not know the meaning of.

    ::After the days reading have them look up the words they took down.

    ::I added that they write a narration of what they read, too.


    I can easily adapt this to use with any book of any kind. I can also ask them to write about the setting, plot, or theme. We don’t really have time to do lots of projects and games about what we are reading. I just really wanted something to help them dig into the books with intent to understand. This way is very Charlotte Mason and very easy.


    Just thought I’d share.


    This does sound really good.  I was looking at Progeny Press also, but the cost is definately not in my budget.  The fact that something like this can be used over and over for years to come and is less than $20 is definately worth the investment in my book!

    This is exactly what I thought! Definitely doable and then you can use the books your student is interested in.


    I have a lot of the PP list already scheduled for my kids anyway, but when I saw the PP price my eyebrows went up…=P I  think that this will be helpful in many ways for a lot less money.  Thanks for posting. =)

    One thing I like about the “Any Novel” is that there are so many choices of reinforcement activities that you can do entirely different assignments for different books.


    I bought it too.  I love the looks of it – less busy work than Progeny Press IMO.  It really could be your writing, reading, grammar and art like she says.  And useful for any book you want to choose.

    Thanks for link to this one.

    The only thing for writing is this guide doesn’t actually teach the steps. But it has GREAT writing opportunities!


    How many pages is this study guide? I’m considering buying it – it looks like it would be good for my daughter.

    It is broken into 4 weeks with 5 days of assignments for each week. Student part is 34 pages. Parent is 13. 


    I bought Any Novel too. Thanks for sharing! We tried the PP guides last year, but my dd really didn’t love it…felt like the questions were overkill. This looks realistic and enjoyable. I plan to have her use it with 2 novels this year and do another writing program for the rest of the time.

    Missy OH

    Could you tell me if this includes explaining terms such as themes, plots, etc?  Her site reads like an infomercial without enough information. LOL.

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