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    My husband was offered a job to work remotely and we’d like to move to Idaho. Can anyone recommend an area that is rural but has a good homeschool population? We already know prices are outrageous and we aren’t from California. We’re just looking for a place to move to that’s like small town USA.


    Sorry no, but you can find small town rural USA here in Iowa too;)


    I’m in Idaho. Prices here are insane, so good luck! (We bought our house for $192,000 in 2016 and now it could sell for $450,000. We want to be more rural but even if we sold our house for that much, for what we want in a house and land, we’d be looking at over $600,000! Yikes!!!) Caldwell and Emmett are more rural and I know there are a lot of homeschoolers in Caldwell. There are quite a few homeschool groups here, from generic Christian groups that just get together at parks to co-ops of all educational philosophies, and casual nature study/nature play groups. I’m not on Facebook anymore so I’m not in any groups (all communication was through FB), but there are tons here. I know a couple of years ago there was a co-op in Caldwell with weekly classes for 4 and up, and toddler and baby siblings could come and the moms would take turns tending them. I wanted to join but I didnt join in time and space was limited. There is (was?) a CM-based co-op in Garden City as well.

    Anyway, Boise isn’t rural (you can find some good big lots, but again, they’re very expensive right now!) but for the homeschool community, it can’t be beat. There’s a classical education-based co-op, charter groups that meet weekly for electives, and places like the aquarium, zoo, and skating rink have discount days for homeschoolers. Boise and Meridian also have great libraries. Pre-plandemic, we were going to the Meridian library for homeschool chess (they have a playroom for little ones, so no wrangling or constant reminders to be quiet!) and one in Boise for Lego hour. Just a bunch of kids playing with mountains of Legos.

    Hope that helps in some way… 🙂


    Thank you totheskydear.
    We’re looking for an area that’s not as populated as the Treasure Valley area. If I understand right, that’s where you’ve described? We’re hoping to find something more northern or southern than being near Boise. It sounds like you have a lot of great options in your area for classes and community. We’re bringing big animals, so we need to find a more rural area. Our prices have risen close to you guys and it’s insane here too!


    I’m in Kootenai County and love it, though prices have skyrocketed. We bought a house in town 2.5 years ago for $287k and sold it 5 months ago for $490k. Found a fixer-upper on 5 acres for $550k outside of town, which we love and are slowly starting our little homestead. But you can go farther out and find something more reasonably priced. We just needed to stay somewhat close to town for my husband’s job. There’s a lot of homeschoolers around, but I only know about the Catholic groups, if you’re interested. Since Idaho’s homeschool laws are so easy, I think you’ll find many homeschoolers throughout the state.


    I am just blown away by home prices. We are in CA, in the hills in a gorgeous area. We are 15 minutes from any shopping or stores which we LOVE. Our house was just appraised at $845,000. We paid $525,000 just 3 years ago. Our area is appraising more than nearby counties that have typically been very high. People want to move out of the city.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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