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    I have been teaching my son from K until now.. he is in the 4th grade.. I now have my brother’s girls one is in the 4th grade but the other is in 8th.. Is there a way to teach her without teaching 2 different grades.. I know that Math has to be in different grades but the subjects that don’t have to be like Science, History, ect. How do you make it challenging for the 8th grade? But not too hard for the 4th grade?

    Any help that you can offer will be wonderful.. and any ideas that you may have for an 8th grader would also help me out.

    Thank you.



    You can go down the Curriculum Guide list on this website and eliminate quite a few subjects that need to be taught individually. I’m thinking things like Bible, nature, poetry, art, hymn study…Then, you can choose a literature book and perhaps a history book that you can read to the whole bunch. They can then read an additional book on their own that is right on their level. The difference will not be so much in the material that you choose, but what you require of the children. The 4th graders, for instance, may give a straight narration (written or not) and then they’re done. The 8th grader may have a required number of pages to write, additional research, whatever you think best for her.

    Not knowing the interests, strengths, weaknesses, of your children, I will take a guess (or few) on science. This subject can be a toughy in your particular situation because boys tend to want to blow things up and make huge messes. Girls tend towards just wanting the facts. There are numerous scenarios you can use with them. One would be to give her an on-level text and she can do it alone and then you do whatever you want with the younger. Another would be to treat it just like history, for instance, with reading great books, timelines, bios, etc. Masters Books has some great resources, for instance. Then you could have a ‘project’ day with the younger where they get the hands-on they desire. A third might be to choose a lower level text and then just require more out of the 8th grader. I also know that I have seen science books in catalogs that state they are for multi-level. I’ve not tried any, but I’m sure other moms here have more and better suggestions than my own.

    As for 8th grade ideas, I just have a few. My 8th grader really enjoyed writing up current events for her writing/grammar. She was inspired to start a family newsletter. She also enjoyed using Truth Quest history and a graphic design course that we purchased from Timberdoodle.

    Oops! Little ones are calling…




    Hi Cindy!

    This has lead me to a question as I’m not sure if I should be posting it as a different subject. So, sorry if I don’t have this quite right.

    Could you let me know about the graphic design course that you purchased from Timberdoodle? My son is interested in graphic design – he’s 12(almost 13) and I’ve been searching for something that will fit. Do you think this would be a good tool for notebooking pages or movie making -displaying what he’s learned in history (as we use TQ too) Many thanks! 🙂


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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