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    I would love to know how to obtain easy to display artwork that can be taped to the wall to be used in our picture study. I’ve been checking out library books with artwork in them. While this is doable, I would love to know of a resource that would be easier to view throughout the day. Can you buy small versions of the masters’ artwork in a set anywhere?

    This yahoo group has files that you can print on your own computer.  They go with the Ambleside schedule, but you can select which files you want without following their schedule.


    I have an artist index for picture study on my blog.  Most of them are from AO yahoo groups for art study…



    Go to for very inexpensive art postcards, coloring books, 8×10 print books, bookmarks, even tatoos!  I also have been downloading free artist wallcharts, timelines, minibooks and more from that I will use next year since I found it on this forum midyear.  Neither site had the newer American artists from mod 1 but the rest had many options.


    We use Olga’s Online Art Gallery.


    Used bookstores often have coffee-table sized art books.  It’s not a free resource, but if you’re willing to cut an image out of a book, a used art book is cheaper than buying posters.

    I print ours out on cardstock from sources online and pin them to a bulletin board.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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