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    We are new to CM methods but we have been homeschooling for 5 years.  I want to start CM this year with my dd who will be a tenth grader.  She needs an AH credit for HS and I would appreciate any advice on where to start, and should we stretch AH over 2 years?  She is completing her World History credit this year(not CM method).  We feel CM would be a great fit for her but we just need advice on how to begin.  Thanks for any help:)


    American History can and should (my opinion!) be spread over two years. Tenth grade is a terrific time to do that because that leaves twelfth grade for goverment, if you choose to do that. Have you taken a look at the curriculum guide here? You could pick and choose from there.

    If you are wanting more of a study guide approach (not really cm, but quite helpful sometimes) Beautiful Feet has a wonderful American History course, though it starts at the Civil War, so you may need to tweek it a bit if you are needing Early American history as well. I had one child go through the course as it was laid out. The next spent one year on it by reading fewer selections. The next child wanted to concentrate on wars and so we tweeked it yet again by deletions and additions.




    Thanks so much Cindy!  My son who will graduate this year is finishing up the BF course right now and he loved it.  My daughter doesn’t enjoy reading as much as my son does, so BF scares her a bit.  She is doing Total Language Plus this year for english and loves it.  This has brought about an enjoyment for literature that she hasn’t felt before, but TLP doesn’t assign many pages per day(CM friendly).  She has expressed that she doesn’t want to continue with a textbook fashion for school but I also can’t overwhelm her with too much reading. Any advice?




    Hi Teresa! My oldest is going into 10th grade and is also using TLP – love it! I think Cindy’s idea of BF is a great one, you could always scale back on the reading.

    Also another might be Truthquest history which is actually a 3 year AH History course beginning in 10th grade. You can pick and chose those topics of interest and read as little or as much you want.

    One other thought..though you mentioned she did not like textbooks, Notgrass Exploring America, might be a good fit since it reads like a narrative and is more engaging than typical textbook. It counts for a Bible, History and English credit. The additional literature, however, could be left out if you want her to continue with TLP – counting that as her English credit. 

    I’m sure you’ll get many more suggestions!

    God Bless, Heather


    What about just using good books about American History?  A lot of people use Patriot’s History of the United States or Paul Johnson’s History of the American People, but we plan on using William Bennett’s Last Best Hope volumes 1 and 2 over the next two years.  You can add in other books of interest on people or events that interest you dd, using the LBH as a “spine.”  If you feel the need for “textbook” type activities, they have the Road Map online that has all that kind of stuff.  Laughing  My son will be adding in the Albert Marrin history books…because he likes wars, and gunfighters and spies!!  We’ll add some good American Lit books along with How to Read a Book and call it good!  (Or LLATL American Lit, we haven’t completely decided…but then again, I AM a homeschool mom who reserves the right to CHANGE HER MIND!! Wink )



    I’m looking for a living book I can use to provide some story background to American history with a Junior High age child and my High Schooler. I’d prefer something vintage – written before the conservative vs liberal stuff – or something which doesn’t have a bias, if that exists today. LOL! (We’re rather non-political, which I realize is unusual amongst American Christians.) I’m hoping to find something with a living, charming tone – not too dry. I wonder if this exists? Can anyone make any suggestions? Thank you so very much!

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