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    I have the last version of Early Modern along with Stories of America. I am wondering if 1) I should upgrade to the new book

    2) would I need to buy the new guide, is it different enough to justify an additional purchase or

    3) do you have something that lines up the new book with the old guide?

    This will be our last time through this time period so I a, trying to decide if I should buy the new stuff or just use what I have.

    Thank you.

    Karen Smith

    There are two differences between the old Early Modern guide and the new one. First, the obvious one, the new guide schedules America: Our Stories as the family spine in place of Stories of America, Vol. 1. Second, there is one additional book, Founding Mothers: Remembering the Ladies, scheduled as a family read aloud or for grades 1-6.

    If you already own Stories of America, Vol. 1, you could compare the table of contents with the table of contents America: Our Stories in the sample. That would give you an idea as to what is different between the two books.

    Personally, I would most likely use what I already had or get America: Our Stories and make it work with the old lesson plans, even if it didn’t line up exactly.


    If you wanted to use the new America: Our Stories you could probably just plug that in where the guide calls for Stories of America.  You just might not get the explanatory stuff that might be in the new guide.

    I have the old Early Modern guide, too, and am still undecided whether to get this new book.  If I do, I’ll probably just plug it in like I said and just use basic narration prompts.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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