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    We’re finishing up Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons this year, and I’m trying to decide on something for continuing phonics for my 6 YO DS. He reads ok, not super confidently, and not very fast, but his basic reading ability seems solid. He loves to look picture books but will not try to read anything on his own. Would Alpha Phonics be a good, thorough choice for continuing phonic?, Or any other suggestions? I want something that doesn’t take a ton of time (we’ve had to split 100 EZ Lessons into 2 days and I only have him read the story once, otherwise a lesson as written could easily take 45 minutes a day). Also want something that’s not terribly expensive…$100 plus for a reading program is too much.


    I feel you on the 100 easy lessons. It was the only subject my dd5 and I battled on. One this that has been amazing for her is when everyone goes down for naps/rest I sit and she reads a book to me then. We have the Yesterdays Classics set so we just finished working through the Treadwell Primer. We still have 9 lessons left in 100 ez and are doing 1 a week, and reading the rest of the days.


    I think the novelty of reading on my kindle (we don’t do phones or iPads or electronics with the kids) made reading a special exciting thing. She was shaking starting but now is doing amazing!

    I was trying to decide what phonics program to use next year “in case we had holes” but I think I’m going to stick with early readers, especially the older ones. She read a dr Seuss one yesterday and it was not challenging for her.

    good luck! I know it’s a heavy burden, I felt like her entire education relied on being able to read!


    Reading Reflex is my favorite.  I use it with All About Spelling’s letter tiles instead of paper letter tiles. I bought it used on Amazon for about $4.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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