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    We are starting TQ Rome with my 3rd grader and I struggled to find a version of the Aeneid that would be child friendly and not terribly long. I did get Alfred Church’s from the library but also picked up a book called Classic Myths to Read Aloud / William F. Russell which I found through amazon searches and then happened across at a home school book sale. It has an abbreviated 4 part version of the story.  I pre-read it and it didn’t have much gore/scariness so I talked to my dd and explained that one was longer and would have the whole story with all the details and one would be much shorter but would be abbreviated.  She picked the shorter one which was fine with me as she’ll read this again in high school.  We just finished it this morning and she enjoyed it so much that now she’s irritated at the thought of those missing parts. 🙂  She was wondering if we could get the other book back from the library so she can read it herself!  I think that means it was a pretty good retelling so I thought I would pass the info on in case any of you would be looking for a shorter option for this particular story.  

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