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    I am looking for a good program for an adult to learn Spanish. I am starting my daughter (9) in Latin this year. I, however, have a great desire to become fluent in Spanish. I took 3 years of Spanish in high school and I really love the language. Where should I start? I still remember the basics but I need to be refreshed on what I do know, while building on that. Do you have any recommendations?


    I used Rosetta Stone to refresh my 4 years of high school French after nearly 15 years of disuse. I wouldn’t say that Rosetta Stone alone will make you fluent, but I found it a good starting place. Nothing other than speaking with others who speak your language on a regular basis will get you really fluent. We are living in France this year so I’m getting my ‘immersion experience’ now – but Rosetta Stone was helpful before we got here so I didn’t feel so lost at the beginning.




    From Bookworm’s recommendation, you may enjoy Breaking the Spanish Barrier for ease of use and cost effectiveness.


    Thanks! I’m looking into those now.

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