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    I have added American Pioneers and Patriots as one of my resources but I am having a problem with the “numbering” of the divisions. This book is a fictional collection of stories from Early American history textbook style from Christian Liberty Press… there is a “Unit Introduction” before the various chapters. I entered the Unit Introductions without a number in front of them and then numbered the chapters according to the chapter numbers in the book. However, when I go to schedule the book, the system numbers everything and then includes the chapter numbers I entered into parenthesis.

    I know this is a small thing, and not one likely to be encountered much, but I am wondering why the topics weren’t scheduled just as I typed them with the titles I assigned. The numbering is quite off by the end of the book. (And I did want to include the introduction pages because those are filled with the factual history that the stories are based on……)

    Thanks for any insight. If there is a way to have the system’s numbers deleted, I would like to know it so I may do so.

    Thanks again,



    Okay, another numbering question.

    This time I have put in a math book and scheduled the lessons starting on Lesson 42 since that is the lesson we are on. But the system is numbering the lessons as 1-39 (for lesson 42-80). Is there any way to get the system to drop the 1-39 on the daily plan and just show the ACTUAL lesson number that corresponds to the book? So instead of saying:

    Complete lesson 1, “42”

    it would just say

    Complete lesson 42

    Thanks so much!

    Doug Smith

    The number does come out a little odd for American Pioneers and Patriots since it has those introductions that aren’t numbered chapters. So when the daily plan says Read together chapter 11, “(8) Logs into Beams.”, the number “11” is really a count of the divisions in that book and the “(8)” is the actual chapter number. Fortunately, it shows both so it’s easy to reference the correct chapter.

    We should probably reword the way those show in the daily plan so it’s a bit clearer for books like this. I’ll make sure that gets on our list of things to fix.

    The math book is a little different. When you entered the book, you started the numbering at 42 and skipped everything before it. If you enter all of the chapters starting at 1, but only schedule starting at chapter 42, then everything will line up.

    I hope that helps. Don’t hesitate to post again if we can be of further help.


    Thank you, Doug. Perhaps I will go back and enter all of the math lessons and then just use the skip button (if I’m calling that correctly….I think I can picture what to do) until I get back up to where we are.

    Thanks again.


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