Adaptation – to read or not to read

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    Some time ago, before I knew what to look for, I picked up a copy of Wind in the Willows. I just pulled it off the shelf this evening to consider reading with my almost 6yo ds and discovered on the back of the book “a new adaptation by Archie Oliver.” On the front, it only has the original author listed (Kenneth Grahame)-sneaky. So, should I toss it in the garage sale box, or would it still be OK to read with ds? I was sure disappointed, but am also glad I noticed it before I started it.

    What would y’all do?



    Rachel White

    Don’t toss-take it to the library or thrift store! Remember CM’s recommendations regarding literature. She encouraged the real deal. That story is so good and the book so funny that you definitely want to have the original. It seems these “Professional educators” are so afraid of children being unable to understand a few words and G-d forbid; actually have to read or hear read a book that’s longer than 20 pages and that with mostly pictures! These adaptations ruin the children for the original and the mental ability to process higher vocabulary and detailed storylines.

    There’s only a handful of adaptations I’ve allowed in my house, and only by two author’s versions because I know the author’s style. My son (he’s 8)received Wind in the Willows for Hanukkah and he finished it w/in the week.

    Also, when you’re looking for one, look for excellence in illustration, like it’s artwork; not cartoonish. Michael Hague is a wonderul illustrator (found used cheap on amazon) as well as the version my son has w/Helen Ward.

    There’s also a wonderful BBC version on video; if you have netflix you msy find it there.



    Oh, no. I wasn’t going to toss it in the trash. I have a box of books for a someday garage sale. I have a whole set of re-written Beatrix Potter stories my mom sent in the same box. I’ll toss it in that box and hopefully have a garage sale this spring. If not, then I’ll take it to a thrift store.

    Yes, I was so disappointed to realize my mistake. But, we started reading Charlotte’s Web, instead, and had a great time with the first three chapters. I’ll look for an unaltered version of Wind in the Willows to read after we finish Charlotte’s Web. I’ve been planning a trip to Half Price Books. 🙂 Thanks for the advice.



    I love Half Price Books too! Too bad, there are no HPB’s close to where we live – so we have to stock up when we head to Texas. I heard rumor one was coming to CO – in Boulder – I think. That is still quite a drive for us though! Sooo sad!

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