ACK! TOO many important events and people to study!

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    We will be exploring Early American history this fall and I’m going through 3 programs to see what people and events we want to cover. My head is spinning. It was easy to study the Ancients and Middle Ages, but boy, I want my kids to know EVERYBODY and every event in Early American history, but we cannot possibly get through them all in 9 mos! 

    I’m using SCM history module, but also bought TQ for the commentary (they list TONS of people to study), and also Easy Peasy for writing ideas. That was a mistake. Foot in mouth I don’t want to overwhelm us…Also I’m not a history buff, so feel I may miss an important event. 

    How do you decide?! Or do I cover some this go round, and get what and who we missed the next time? 

    Can anyone share the list of famous people and important events you studied for Early America, and I’ll compare notes?! Laughing 



    Rachel White

    Don’t have much time but my advice: use audio history to fill in the blanks, including HIStory Devotionals by Little Bear, in addition to either SOTW or What in the World is GOing on Here, the American History stories 4 vol. series (some are free at librivox, otherwise by Jim HOdges) and other free audios.

    Also, use independent free reads, too, to fill in “gaps”. I’m not a good one to help you “downsize” your list of people or events to learn about as I love history and it’s never enough for me.


    lol Thanks, I’m glad I’m not alone! GOOD idea! We love to listen to stories during lunch or long drives. Thank!!




    I always tell moms in my library who ask the same question to choose a few to introduce their children to. Others will be mentioned in various things you read but choose a few to know intimately. That’s just like real life, isn’t it? We can’t know everyone intimately. Only a few people are truly close to us. Others we know casually or in passing. It’s OK to do the same in history. When my children are young, I focus on the bigger movers and shakers. As they get older and we go through it again, they can meet others who are more on the outskirts. You may choose others for different reasons. But do feel free to choose. The TQ guide simply give you choices. Michelle says so herself and encourages you to make your study your own.


    Here is the list of events and people that we are doing:


    2.Mayflower, Pilgrims, Squanto

    3.Salem Witch Trials

    4.Colonial Times

    5.The Iroquois

    6.William Penn

    7.French and Indian War

    8.Daniel Boone

    9.Revolutionary War

    10.Declaration of Independence

    11.John & Abigail Adams

    12.Paul Revere

    13.George Washington

    14.The Constitution

    15.Benjamin Franklin

    16.Thomas Jefferson

    17.Plantation Life

    18.Industrial Revolution, Eli Whitney

    19.Lewis & Clark

    20.Pioneer Days (Westward Expansion)

    21.War of 1812

    22.Andrew Jackson

    23.The Cherokee

    24.The Navajo, Trail of Tears

    25.The Alamo, Davy Crockett

    26.Gold Rush

    I hope that helps in some way.


    Thanks so much ladies! Robin, what wonderful advice! I don’t have to feel so bad if we can’t cover EVERYTHING. lol I’ll write up a list of who/what I think we want to study and compare notes. Thanks!

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