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    Hi, does anyone know how to comply with PSA requirements in California? I trying to start CM but my husband is too worried that we might not be able to meet the state requirements. Thank you God bless you all.


    Greetings. I may be able to help. The legal way to homeschool in California is to simply file a PSA. It is a simple one page form. There are really no “requirements” to meet. You must teach your students the standard course of study, however, there are no minimum hours or required content. California is surprisingly easy. There are no reporting or testing requirements. Once you establish yourself as a private school you are on your own. You are required to keep attendance and I think report cards, but they are not audited. You should definitely become a member of HSLDA. They are a wealth of resources and can guide you every step of the way.

    I am the administrator of a small PSP in California so if you have specific questions I may be able to help, or at least direct you to someone who can.




    I have been homeschooling in CA since 2001 and have always been either part of a private PSP or (for the last ten years or so) filed my own PSA. Fwiw, none of the many homeschoolers I have known in that time have ever been contacted or investigated in any way, and our educational philosophies have been many and varied. This is not to say you shouldn’t be diligent in your education, but it may be some evidence against worry.  As Crystal says, California is surprisingly easy.

    Stephany Vergara

    CA is surprisingly easy. Simply fill out the PSA and submit. It can all be done online. A quick search will get you step by step directions, but really, it is so simple you don’t need them. I make a course of study for each of my children at the beginning of the school year and keep a printed copy along with printed copy of PSA. I should have an attendance record sheet there too, but I don’t.
    I forgot and missed the deadline this year. I ended up submitting it in Dec! No CPS knocking at my door! 😉

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