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    I saw earlier where Tristan mentioned AAS tripling as copywork, grammar, and spelling. (Tristan, apparently you need your own board on here called, “Questions for Tristan”. 🙂 Can you explain how you use AAS?

    I’ve been using AAS for a little while. I plan to only do the first two levels before moving to Spelling Wisdom. My almost 9 year old is in level 2 and 7 year old is almost finished with level 1. The 9 year old struggles with spelling a little because she has some slight articulation issues and we’re from the south. We have a strong southern drawl. She also is copying a page of Hymns in Prose in cursive everyday. Is this too much copywork? I don’t dictate everyday for spelling. We spend more time at the board and they can use the tiles or dry erase marker. It’s their choice.

    Just curious how you all use AAS and how you (if so) transition to Spelling Wisdom. TIA!


    We have and used Spelling Wisdom for several years. It worked well for oldest dd, but the next child in line, Joseph, is STILL dealing with extremely poor spelling in 6th grade. So we’re pulling out All About Spelling to directly teach him spelling rules he has not figured out with Spelling Wisdom. I plan to do levels 1-3 and then switch him back to Spelling Wisdom. The next child, Emma, is 5th grade and spells ok but not great for her age, so she’s just going right ahead with AAS too. Daniel, who is 3rd grade, is my most natural speller of the 3 and could probably do either, but for this year I’ll let him join for AAS and see how far he flies ahead. Then we’ll move into Spelling Wisdom with him.

    For what you mentioned, I agree, I wouldn’t do copywork for both in one day (Hymns in prose and AAS). Up to you!  I’m all about making one item work for several things, hence using AAS for copywork too.

    We will take each lesson and if they ‘get it’ and can spell all the words dictated to them (instead of needing to see it and copywork) then they move on the next day to the next lesson. We’ll build with tiles daily as the hands on will be key for some of my kids. I suspect we’ll fly through half or all of AAS level 1 pretty quickly. Then it will slow down.

    Also, when in the copywork stage for a lesson, I’ll write on our dry erase board or chalk board so any child on that lesson can see and do their copywork at once.

    I know some kids of different ages would not do well working in the same level of AAS and possibly having younger move faster than older. My kids know spelling isn’t an age based thing, it is a set of skills to master just like playing an instrument or learning to build more complicated Lego sets. They will work at their pace to really master it, knowing that a sibling who is quicker in spelling is also slower than them in another area. We’re all different and that’s how God created us.

    We will move back to Spelling Wisdom after AAS level 3.


    Thank you for responding!

    That helps me to put it into perspective a bit. My daughter may flip if little brother passes her up. They were working together last year and I had to stop him…he HATES writing the words in his notebook even though he spells great when he needs to. I decided to give him a break since he was so young and just do copywork. (I was just trying to kill two birds with one stone.)

    Again, thanks for always being so helpful! 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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