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    Every day we have calendar time with my ds6.  It has been good for him to understand how long a month takes, etc.  I printed out a blank calendar and we started by filling in the day every day.  My son decided that he wanted to draw a picture of the best thing about the previous day.  So it morphed into a journal.  He has inspired me to mix it up a bit and I need your help. 

    On several women’s blogs I read they have a day journal that ask various questions that they answer usually once a week.  This got me to thinking that there are things about my boys that I would love to look back on and see how he changes along the way.  It will give him a fun handwriting activity and a fun keepsake. 

    So now during calendar time we will do the date and such and each day will vary a bit.  I need help with questions to spur the “journal entry/drawing”. Here are some I have already:

    -What is your favorite color, What toy do you enjoy the most – how to you like to play with that toy, what do you want to be when you grow up…. 

    A few days a week we will still just do our favorite thing from yesterday but I would love to have a record of their thoughts and delights as they grow.  So if you have questions/ideas to make this successful please help.  I want them simple – that can be answered with 1-2 sentences or a simple drawing.




    My girls (10 and 13) have kept a Reading List for almost 5 years…writing the book title and date finished and ‘rating’ it. This turned into my son (then 6.5) drawing a picture each time we finished a good book together during quiet time. He called it his Book Report. I wish we had kept up with this. Just thought it might be something you could add in once or twice a week.

    I may have to totally steal this idea from you. 🙂


    Amy, what a great idea! I’m not sure if this will be helpful or not, but our family plays a game designed by Reb Bradley of Family Ministries; In it, there are many thought provoking questions you might like to ask your ds’s for their journal. Here’s the pdf link. Have Fun!


    Amy, if you google “Journal Jar Prompts” you’ll get lots of ideas. I printed out a bunch, put in a jar and hope to start using them a couple of times a week in January.

    Also, check out this site with an entire year’s worth of prompts laid out in monthly calendar style w/ notebooking pages included –



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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