A Charlotte Mason of Child development?

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  • Hello All, 

    Really been struggling with anger and frustration with my boys ages 11months and 2.5 years.  I have read significant portions of Charlotte Mason’s Homeschooling series and have been so impressed and astounded at the kind of revelation it seems she was blessed with when it comes to the education of children.  I would really like to find some resources, however, for child development information (milestones, instruction, disciplining) especially for infant and toddler years.  I am looking for someone who has an insight into the early years the way Charlotte mason had insight into childhood education.  Does anybody know any authors like this.  I am especially interested in anyone who is a professional in the field, but am open to reading anyone who seems to have been blessed with this kind of wisdom simply through the Holy Sprit, experience, practice etc.  Thanks


    Sara B.

    Have you read Raising Godly Tomatoes?  Her whole book is on her website raisinggodlytomatoes.com.  It has been a great help to me!  Though my toddler is incredibly curious and into everything, he’s not too bad with disobedience anymore, thanks to this book giving me the wisdom I needed.  He’s my 4th, but 1st boy.  And boy, is he a boy!  LOL


    I really liked Shepherding a Child’s Heart by Tedd Tripp. He first walks through a what Biblical discipline is, and then in the second half breaks down more specifically what this looks like for the infant/toddler years, then the childhood years, and then the teen years. I REALLY like the way he focuses on reaching a child’s heart and getting to the motive of their behvior rather than just surface level behavior modification. This is the parenting book I really wish I had read when mine were as little as yours are now.


    These are the exact two authors I have been thinking of, but wanted some further support for.  I haven’t read a whole lot of RGT I really appreciate you both taking the time to post.  Thank you 😀


    I LOVE RGT because for me it was a step by step – how to.  A lot of books get very “heady” about discipline, but they don’t really get specific and give exact directions.  Tomato staking is difficult because it requires your full attention, but it’s worth it.


    Another vote for RGT here.Smile

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