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    My daughter is going to be joining the SCM program. I’m just completely stumped and confused on what books would be good for her. She’s a 9th grader planning to take all of the 3 series of courses.

    I did find this but it wasn’t very much help


    Hi Angelo5, for 9th it is slightly more difficult since SCM hasnt put out a 9th grade individual studies yet, but I will try to help. So I am going to assume by “all of the 3 series courses” you are meaning the History, Enrichment, and individual studies recommended here. With that assumption, you would pick a history module.

    History/Bible/Geography- The lesson plans will tell you exactly what to read for a 9th grader. Here is a link to the book list for module one as an example. The lesson plans will tell you when and how much to read.

    For Enrichment, same idea, you pick a guide and that guide will give you a list of books for each grade. Enrichment covers fine arts and literature.

    Individual studies is a little more difficult without a handy dandy guide, but the link you posted is a great place to start. You just need to add math, language arts, science and electives, depending on requirements in your state. The enrichment includes Literature and poetry so that contributes to your English credit, you just need grammar and composition.

    So by following the SCM plans you will have credit in




    Fine Arts


    Foreign Language

    and Math

    I may have missed something but I am sure others will chime in with more info. Were there other specific questions you had?


    My son is a 9th grader.  I use the link you posted as a guideline, and I placed him a bit lower for some subjects.

    He’s doing the following:

    • MUS Pre-Algebra
    • Spelling Wisdom & Using Language Well Book 3
    • Apologia General Science plus A Piece of the Mountain (one chapter per week)
    • Cambridge Latin Unit 1
    • Ourselves Book 1
    • Weekly Current Event article
    • written narrations, as I assign them
    • History/geography/Bible guide with family
    • Enrichment guide with family

    I figure how many lessons we need to cover and how to divide it over the year.  For example, Latin has 12 chapters, so we need to cover 4 per term.  Spelling Wisdom and Using Language Well have 2 lessons per week.  If we fall behind, I just plan a third lesson for the following week.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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