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  • Melissa Bell

    I’m aware that the recommended science option for 7th grade is Apologia Gen. Sci. 2nd edition, and I’m aware that it’s no longer being published.  I know the current recommendation is to try and find an old copy until SCM has time to review other materials.  I totally understand this recommendation.  We all only have 24 hours each day, and we can only tackle so much.  I appreciate all of the hard word invested by the team at SCM. We actually purchased this text last year, though, and my daughter absolutely did not like anything about it.  We tried!  I mean no offense to anyone, but that book is so wordy and dry.  So…

    I need to find a new option.  We are actually repeating 7th grade.  She’s on the younger side for her grade level (Sept. bday), and we’ve had a tremendous year.  Sold our home, moved into a temp. home while waiting for our house to be built, almost everything we own in storage, and hoping to be settled in June – and Dad has been quite sick (4 years fighting cancer).  Oh, and lest we forget, the pandemic. ;-). Not much has been accomplished this year.

    My daughter saw the God’s Design for the Physical World from Master books, and she loved the idea of those topics.  I had my eyes on a few units from Sabbath Mood, including their Physical Science and recommended books.  I’ve also been looking at the Novare Physical Science book.  I’ve also, of course, looked at the 3rd ed. of Apologia Gen. Sci.

    Does anyone have experience with any of these choices, or have a better resource for tackling 7th grade science.


    We like God’s Design. I have the whole series and am using it for middle school. We don’t use all the assignments, and do notebooking sometimes.

    My highschooler uses Sabbath Mood Physics, with different labs we already had. I like it too, but it’s a different approach. Using real books, most of which are secular, and internet links vs God’s Design.

    Berean Builders latest book is 7th grade science with lots of experiments. I have some of that series too. I like it, but my daughter prefers God’s Design.  It  depends on which style you want.



    I don’t know how helpful I will be, and I don’t mean to minimize the importance of having a science curriculum that truly fits you. But, honestly, with the year you’ve had, I would keep it simple. Go with what your daughter is drawn to unless you have reason not to. Let your mind rest!

    Melissa Bell

    Thank you both.

    alphabetica, you’re probably right. We could definitely use less stress.

    retrofam, I appreciate your feedback on the Gods Design and Sabbath mood series. I’m leaning more to the Gods Design series.


    I like Gods design. I am using it for 4th this year. We are using physical world.  It has challenge sections in each lesson to up the level. They look interesting. My husband particularly feels steongly about creation science and so do I. This series has good creation based info on climate and earth science. Great for knowing before heading to a secular class.

    Also know that while each 3 book set fits together, you can mix and match to suit your needs. Also the lessons are like 3-4 a week and not too long. The experiments are easy… I’m getting it done with a  preK and baby in the mix.

    Jeannine Swickler

    Masterbook’s God’s Design is excellent as well as their General Science I. The nice thing about Masterbook’s is like SCM it is open and go. The books they use are of a living book style and and highly engaging. I think both are an a good introduction to more independent learning as well in a gentle style which helped our family greatly. We also had a major move, tiny living and storage presently as well as a new baby. Praying for you and your family.


    We liked the God’s Design set (red) that we did a couple years ago but we definitely didn’t do all of the workbook activities that went with it.  Another option might be Science Shepherd Life Science.  SCM recommends their Biology course as an alternative to Apologia.  We have used both of their elementary programs with great success!


    So, I don’t have experience with the God’s design series, but we have used Masterbooks for science. We used Apologia for many years, until we were so burnt out on it that we were willing to drop science all together. My oldest has done anatomy/physiology for 2 yrs through master books and loves it. My middle is using Awesome Science series through MB this year and is really enjoying it too.  We all love the schedule and how easy it is for them to use independently. They’re learning so much. We plan to continue with science through MB. Very gentle yet thorough.  Considering where you’re at in life, I would say, that if she is truly interested in doing God’s design, then go for it, otherwise, schedule the bare minimum basics. Stress less 🙂

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