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    My son will be entering 7th gr & I am wondering about science.  We have used the Apologia series by Jeannie Fulbright and we have learned a lot and have enjoyed it.  It’s been simple enough to read, easy to do if want experiements, and yet enough indepth for our desired science.

    That said is the high school one that is suggested and also next “general science” the same type of format as the younger ones? 

    What I’d really like is to know if anyone has used the younger ones and liked or not liked the older (high school) ones and there reasons for either case.  I will note that no one in our home is really a science person so we are just wanting to cover enough to high school credits. Misty


    Hi Misty!

    We’ve used both the Jeanie Fulbright science and the older grade Apologia through Biology. I can say that General Science is different than Jeanie’s series. However, using the elementary series builds a great foundation for the General Science & up. The 7th grade & up are not set up CM style like Jeanies, with narrations and such. However, you can tweak it to fit your CM style the way you see fit. General Science was quite a step up for my oldest from the Zoology series but he did fine with it – just had to exert more concentration and effort. He’s now in Biology and its very challenging for him, but I think it necessary since he wants to go into engineering. He and I are confident it will prepare him for college level science. I’m sure others will share their opinions as well.

    God Bless! Heather


    hoping to hear more bumping it back up…

    Heather.. thanks that’s good to know that it is a step up.  With my 12 yr old I think it will be fine but to know that my next one it might be more of a challenge.

    Does your son/daughters do this alone?  Does he/she need a lot of help?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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