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    We are getting ready to start term 2 of our first year homeschooling. Last term I had lots of things planned and we ended up boiling down to just reading, writing, and math.

    For term 2, I am planning on focusing on (and scheduling for): Reading, writing, math, attention/focus, and narrating. and letting the rest of the stuff be like gravy on top of the potatoes. (read alouds, picture study, etc just happening naturally without getting so caught up in scheduling)

    Is this enough for now?


    as a follow up question, does anybody have any suggestions for teaching a child to focus?


    I am in the first year of homeschooling too, so first off, I know what it’s like trying everything out for the first time and trying to find the balance of providing enough but not burning out. Good for you for knowing when to not push too hard!

    I’d be curious to know how much time you are spending on the reading, math, and writing that you have been doing. It’s easy for me to let those lessons in particular get long, because those are such important skills. But if you keep these short (10-15 minutes each), you are much more free to enjoy the fun of learning together through reading and narrating, picture study, composer study, nature study, poetry, drawing and painting, etc. My children and I have found such richness in the “extras” so I encourage you to schedule them in, because if you are like me, if they are not scheduled in, they definitely won’t happen!

    As for the attention question, besides checking your lesson length, what have you been reading? Have you tried short readings like Aesop’s fables, or breaking other interesting stories into smaller chunks for narrating? Start slow at that age, and with practice the attention will improve!


    I think the best way to help a child to have focused attention is to not expect too much too soon! 🙂

    Seriously, CM advocated starting with short lessons to encourage the student to attend to the lesson.  I have found that when a lesson or a story, or generally anything, stretched out longer than the child’s ability to give his best, it was basically a wasted lesson.  Two steps forward, three steps back, as the saying goes.   So, read a short piece, Aesop was suggested above but anything interesting could work, then let the child retell it to you.  Keep all the lessons brief and focused.  If the child’s mind seems to be drifting off, wrap it up and move on to something else.  Also, I think it’s best to alternate subjects – a lesson that involves mostly being still/ listening with one that involves doing/moving.  Many of those “gravy” items will keep your homeschool balanced and enjoyable.

    Have a great second term!


    That sounds good – similar to my 6YO’s schedule.  She does sit in on morning readings with the rest of the family, though.  That includes some history and science read-alouds, poetry, scripture memory, etc.

    She is a young 6, but next year I am planning to do English Lessons through Literature with her.  I am using Level 2 with her brother right now and I love it.  Lots of opportunity for narration, picture study, copywork, poetry study, and memory work – all in one book!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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