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    I’m having a hard time deciding what would be the best direction for history for our family.  I have always been drawn to the 4 year history cycle- it has always just made the most sense to me/for our family.  But after pouring over the SCM guides (and buying Genesis through Deuteronomy & Ancient Egypt) I just LOVE the SCM guides!  What *I* don’t love is the 6 year rotation, I think my main hang up is spending 3 years in ancient history, also the idea of taking 6 years to go over the history of the world and only being able to hit each time peroid 2xs throughtout their schooling.

    I guess my question is has anyone used the first three module guides in one year? Pairing each module down and doing 1 per term.  Or is there another program I should use that covers history/geograpy/bible for ancients in one year (to then move onto SCM guides for modules 3-6)?


    oh my kids will be 7, 5 (and 2) in the fall.  So we’re looking at 1st and Kindy.


    Heather 🙂


    I had the same question/problem.  You can read what esoloj does on this thread:


    What I decided to do for my young children is to do brief overviews of history using library books, Bible stories, and a timeline for the first two years.  Then I will double up on some SCM module readings as in the link above so I can spend 5 years on each rotation after that instead of 6 years.  Part of my reasoning for this is from the three stages of classical education.  At the youngest grammar stage, they are just learning the “what”.  I want to be able to spend more time on things when they are a little older.  Also, when they are older, they can read and learn more areas of interest in history for themselves.  Right now, I have to read everything to them. 


    thank you so much for your reply… IDK why but for 2 weeks I haven’t been able to reply to any threads here on the forum… odd

    I’ve decided to continue on with our american history study this next year… then move into a 4 year world history cycle (most likely followed by another 2 year american history cycle and then 4 years world history)  so I have some time to figure out how to use the SCM history guides (3! in one year) or to decide on another curriculum to use for the first year (ancients) in the history cycle.


    I’m curious about this as well.  My older son is just wrapping up Ancient Eygpt in PS so I don’t know that he’d really want to do it again in our first year of Homeschooling.  I’ve considered limiting to Canadian History this year, but again, not so sure.  He only has 8 years of school left, so that would mean hitting all the modules only once with two years left over.  Only one if we do Canadian this year.  His younger brother would be able to repeat up to five modules.  (Only one highschool History credit is required here in PS — grade 10 Canadian History) I’m still very confused as to how much of the PS highschool requirements I need to have them cover.  Our province has very few requirements of homeschoolers.

    Sara B.


    4myboys- I think if I were in your shoes I’d either start this next year with module 2 (since he already got ancient egypt) and move through the 6 year cycle, and repeat.  Or start a 4 year world history cycle next year (maybe skiping ancient egypt) and either repeat or take a year (or 2) to focus on canada before repeating the 4 year cycle again for the younger kids.

    sara B… THANKS!!! 

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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