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    I am finally making the switch to SCM! Been praying bout it for a couple years and now I feel the Lords answer! I have a 7 yr old. I am torn between 1st grade track B and 2nd grade track A…is there a huge diff? Also I am pretty sure he will benefit most starting at Delightful reading level 2 so he will not have any gaps in learning. He resists L.A. we had a bad start at homeschooling. I forced. He resisted. We are still healing from those wounds. I noticed second grade uses DR3 wld it be ok to use 2? He wld love to use a second grade book vs. a 1st grade book😆 Appreciate any feedback.

    Tamara Bell

    I’m so excited for you!  Being where God leads us is such a wonderful place to be.  So much excitement and peace all wrapped up together!Grade 1 track B is the same as Grade 2 track A.  🙂

    Grade 1 uses Delightful Reading 3 in track A.  Grade 2 does not use Delightful Reading and is written with the idea in mind that children are reading in 2nd grade.

    All that said, you are Momma and you know him best.  Is he reading yet?  Delightful Reading, level 2 does not teach reading but pre-reading skills.  It teaches letter blends and children learn words by building words with these letter blends and sounds.  The sample (available at the link above) contains the Table of Contents which shows every blend the student will learn/work on.  If you have not yet watched the video (also available at the link above), I encourage you to do so.  Sonya thoroughly covers this “stage” of learning to read.

    Delightful Reading, level 3 is when the student starts to read sentences. There is a video on available for this level as well.

    The only difference between grades 1 and 2 are the language arts tracks.  If you decide he needs DR level 3, I would utilize grade 1.  Perhaps keeping the guide out of sight of your son (if this would be an issue for him).  If you feel he needs DR level 2, I’d wait to purchase the lesson plans for Individual Studies until he is ready for DR 3.  If you decide to wait on Individual Study, schedule math 5 days for 15-20 minutes, science 2 days a week for 15-20 minutes, and nature study 1 day a week (this is also schedule in the Enrichment guide).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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